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Introduction to Leased Lines

Leased lines connectivity is a business-oriented alternative to standard broadband solutions, giving organisations unrestricted, uncontested access to the internet which is designed to be faster and more stable than the alternatives. And with many organisations using mission-critical services which are reliant on persistent network connectivity, investing in a leased line could be sensible both in terms of cost effectiveness as well as to ensure business continuity. This introduction to leased lines explains their features and benefits.

A standard domestic or business broadband connection will see multiple customers sharing the same infrastructure at the nearest telephone exchange. And depending on the contention ratio, peak periods of use can lead to the service falling considerably short of its advertised maximum speed.

Bandwidth is a valuable commodity, and one which can be quickly compromised when numerous broadband customers attempt to get online at the same time. And while with a home internet connection this might mean that it takes a little while for a video to buffer, which is a relatively minor annoyance, for businesses this digital congestion could hamper productivity and may lead to tangible losses over time.

Leased lines eliminate the need to share a line with any other customers, with a 1:1 contention ratio ensuring that the only traffic generated is your own. This is the chief benefit of investing in this type of solution, although there are a wide range of other advantages to consider when working out whether or not to adopt a leased line.

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