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Introduction to Business Mobiles

Introduction to Business Mobiles
Alistair Bell

By Alistair Bell Membership Manager, Updated 17 May 2017

Businesses looking to adopt new mobile devices to distribute amongst employees, as well as individual workers who are in need of a handset that will help them in their current role, can embrace enterprise-grade solutions that fit a wide range of requirements. This is especially convenient for those who want to take a holistic approach to business mobile solutions, including not only the handsets themselves but also the integration of other services which are essential to daily activity. This introduction to business mobiles explains their features and benefits.

Key Benefits of Business Mobiles

Choosing a business-oriented mobile device, network provider and tariff will let you unlock the true potential of modern portable technology. In addition to receiving enough inclusive minutes and messages to make calls and send texts to colleagues and clients, you will also be able to access data-based services each month to make use of internet-powered apps, collaboration platforms, IM and enterprise email solutions.

Because the market is so competitive and there are plenty of providers vying for business customers, pricing in the UK is lower than almost anywhere else in the world. And with a modern business mobile plan you will be able to track your usage and make sure that any expenditure related to your mobile is easier to manage than ever before.

Another advantage of picking a contemporary mobile deal for business users is that it allows you to enjoy perks throughout the life of the contract. These include, for example, phone insurance against which you can claim if it is damaged or stolen; in addition to recycling facilities so that it can be disposed of in a sustainable manner when you upgrade.

Mobile bundles can be combined with other forms of telecommunications services, allowing you to pay a single monthly price for landline and portable use. You might even choose to link this with a business broadband connection so that you have all the bases covered and can make significant savings thanks to provider incentives that encourage bundle adoption.

Customer Service for Business Mobiles

In addition to the practical benefits of picking a business mobile deal with a provider that is committed to helping enterprises reach their communications goals, there are other reasons to make an effort to follow this path. And the quality of the customer service can be a major motivating factor.

Business mobile deals will not only be backed up by after-sales care from an expert team based domestically, but will also be supported by dedicated agents who are capable of keeping track of your account and updating you with any findings. This means that if you pick a tariff which at first seems to be appropriate, but in practice proves to be no longer suitable, the provider will alert you to this fact and will help you to switch to a price plan that will result in further savings.

It is this kind of pro-active approach that makes business mobile ownership so rewarding. And if you are not interested in keeping up with the changes that are occurring within the mobile industry, then partnering with a provider which is committed to this important task could be invaluable.

Perhaps most importantly of all, with the best business mobile deals you will have access to cutting edge smartphone handsets. These are equipped with high end hardware and the latest 4G connectivity to ensure that they can support everything from VoIP and video conferencing to high speed media streaming and popular productivity apps.

This will make it possible to stay on top of your workload and generally make life a little less stressful, while facilitating access to mission-critical services while you are on the move. With all this on offer it is little surprise that mobiles have become the dominant form of communication.

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