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MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning)

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software is aimed at bringing together a whole range of business operations into a single, one-stop solution in order to streamline the running of the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to finished product.

Covering everything from estimating to scheduling and purchasing to shipping - it can also feed into Customer Relationship Management and Accounting Systems to provide an overview of the entire business. This offers significant benefits for management as having accurate and up-to-date information means it is possible to make better decisions and respond more rapidly to problems or changes in the market. Find out more about the subject with our Introduction to MRP article

If you already have an MRP project underway, get in touch with SAS today to see how we can help you. SAS can provide a shortlist of suitable MRP partners for your business. Our service is non-chargeable and there is no obligation to proceed with our selected vendors.

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