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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting involves storing data and applications in a third-party data centre, removing the need to manage the hardware or networking infrastructure in-house. As a result, vendors can provide IT resources remotely, similarly to how utilities such as water and electricity are provided. This means that businesses can host in a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective manner.

In this section you will find a range of informed articles on Cloud Hosting written by our team of in-house experts, click through on the images below to read more. If you are new to the subject, or require a general overview, get started with our Introduction to Cloud Hosting.

If you already have a Cloud Hosting project underway, get in touch with SAS today to see how we can help you. SAS can provide a shortlist of suitable partners for your business. Our service is non-chargeable and there is no obligation to proceed with our selected developers.

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