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Education Industry Software

Education Industry Software
Corinne Boyd

By Corinne Boyd Digital Marketing Manager, Updated 17 May 2017

As technology advances and encompasses every aspect of our lives, children are exposed to computer software from an early age. In addition to using software in class and at home for learning purposes, software has started to play a vital role in the education sector as a whole. This article reveals the features and benefits of education industry software.

Saving Time

As demand increases on a teacher's time and classroom sizes swell, staff working in education seek ways to help make life easier, manage their time better and provide more efficient ways of doing things. Many IT solutions for the education sector are designed to help teachers streamline processes and teaching itself to enable staff at every level to make the best use of their time.

Dynamic Learning

Software used in the education sector offers students a fresh approach to learning and can engage those who may struggle to concentrate or grasp concepts in more traditional ways; however, there are many distractions lurking in the software itself, meaning that keeping students focussed on the required task can prove challenging. Using software, teachers can ensure students reap the benefits of IT-based learning solutions while using controls to remove or block any distractions that might affect learning.

Safety Matters

The internet has revolutionised the way in which children learn nowadays, offering so much more scope than before. This brings fresh challenges in itself, of course, and none more so than keeping children safe. Unfortunately, threats lurk around every corner on the internet, from viewing unsuitable content to cyberbullying, grooming and identity theft. Protecting youngsters at every opportunity is essential; however, standard controls to block threats may not provide adequate support. Incorporating software that goes one step further in e-safety protection can help to give children, teachers and parents confidence that youngsters are being safeguarded online as much as possible.

Intelligent Monitoring

Software does not only block sites but can also use a variety of intelligent monitoring tools to identify potential threats and grade them while keeping an eye on student activity online. Alerts can be sent so that staff can investigate these further and monitor any specific situations requiring attention. Keyword detection scans are also proving useful software tools that can be used to flag up any online activity that may need monitoring. Online threats are an issue for children of any age; therefore, incorporating e-safety software is vital for any education establishment and especially for protecting youngsters who may be vulnerable.

Ofsted Compliance

Education sector software not only helps to improve many everyday teaching functions while controlling the content students have access to but can also be looked upon favourably by the teaching inspection bodyOfsted. Many software programmes follow the best practice principles outlined by Ofsted; therefore, when the time comes for inspection, education establishments that use such software may see an improvement in their standards and Ofsted rating.

Cost Effective

With strapped budgets and cost cutting, education establishments continually need to find ways to make savings and become more efficient. Software used in the education sector can achieve this in many ways; for example, controlling and monitoring processes can make the working environment more efficient, reduce power consumption and waste and improve IT functions, all of which contribute to reduced costs.

Remote Support

Technology can make life easier in the classroom; however, when it goes wrong, it can cause disruption and downtime and require skills and resources to get it up and running again. Modern software used in the education sector recognises the inconveniences incurred when technical difficulties strike and often comes with remote manager services that can be used to solve IT issues, saving both time and money.

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