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Top Picks of the Week - 9th March

Here are our top picks of the week from the digital sphere. Enjoy!

1. Meet Michelle - representing SAS on International Women’s Day

Michelle joined the SAS team as Business Development Consultant back in August. On the 8th of March, Michelle told us more about her job role, explaining how she happily shares her expert opinion and advice on everything IT-related with our many customers. Michelle is not afraid of challenges, and she reveals that "everyone you speak to has a different project, so I feel like I learn something new every day".
Here at SAS we believe in supporting our talented ladies, and we are constantly working on reducing the gender gap in tech.

You can connect with Michelle on LinkedIn by clicking here.

2. Tech Envisions the Ultimate Start-Up: An Entire City

San Francisco — For all the optimism, innovation and wealth that are produced there, the Bay Area can also feel like a place that doesn’t work quite right. The cost of housing has priced out teachers and line cooks. Income inequality is among the widest in the nation. The homeless crisis never seems to ebb. Traffic is a mess. On bad days, transit is, too. And local governments are locked in conflict. Clearly, the region has not been optimised.

In the maddening gap between how the place functions and how inventors and engineers there think it should, many have become enamoured with the same idea: What if the people who build circuits and social networks could build cities, too? Wholly new places, designed from scratch and freed from broken policies.

Find out more here.


3. "I didn't even meet my potential employers"

"Hiring and firing is a time-consuming and costly business, so firms are trying to automate as much of it as possible." As companies rely more on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to find the right job candidates, is recruitment in danger of losing that personal touch?

Is Artificial Intelligence the answer? Or does your HR Software just need a refresh? Our experts can help you find what works your business - for free. Why not get in touch?

Find the original BBC article here.

4. Apple employees can't stop walking into beautiful glass doors

It turns out that when a company loves glass buildings and also creates devices for hours of addictive personal use, sometimes it ends up with injured employees who are too distracted by the products to notice walls. A report even details how the company has had to call emergency services to assist multiple employees who can’t help but accidentally walk into glass walls.

Find out more here.


5. Blade Runner 2049: how we recreated a character

The filmmakers wanted one of the original 1982 characters to make an appearance in the new movie - they do and they look exactly like they did in 1982.

Watch the video here.

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