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Top Picks of the Week - 6th April

Here are our top picks of the week from the digital sphere. Enjoy!


6 Weird Cryptocurrencies You Probably Shouldn't Invest In

While we can't exactly offer you fool-proof cryptocurrency advice, we can at least introduce you to six cryptocurrencies you probably shouldn't invest in... 

You can read more about it here



Robot takes four-day break immediately after landing new job

Only a single shift into its career as a burger flipper, it was revealed that Flippy the Robot is taking a wee hiatus. Perhaps robots are not so different from us after all then?

Find out more about Flippy's holiday plans here



Peak Laziness?

Forget about self-driving cars, apparently self-parking slippers is the new thing!

Read about the future of relaxation here



A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service which is 100% fatal

The idea is that someday in the future, scientists will scan your bricked brain and turn it into a computer simulation. That was, someone like you, though not exactly you, will smell the flowers again in a data server somewhere. 

Any takers? Find out more here



New Innovative Technology for the Healthcare Sector

✔ A touchpad that recognizes touch from people wearing surgical gloves.

✔ RFID readers so that workers can sign in by tapping their work badges on the touchpad.

✔ Fingerprint readers for added security.

Find out more about the innovative technology for the healthcare sector 


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