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Top Picks of the Week - 23rd March

Here are our top picks of the week from the digital sphere. Enjoy!


1. Is Europe breaking up with Uber?

It’s been a while since start-up giant Uber had anything that even slightly resembled a great week. Nonetheless, this previous one appears to have been gloriously bad. Are you not fully updated on the latest developments? No worries, let’s break it down for you.

Read why Europe is breaking up with Uber here.

2. It's time to meet Jamie!

Jamie is an IT Solutions Consultant here at Software Advisory Service. Fun Fact: Despite being a proud Glaswegian at heart, Jamie was actually born in Zambia!

Find out more about Jamie and the rest of our talented team here.

3. Cambridge-Gate?

It turns out that Cambridge Analytica, a key player in Trump's 2016 Presidential Election, actively misused personal data from Facebook. Now, they're both in trouble. In a statement released on Friday, Facebook revealed that it had decided to suspend Strategic Communication Laboratories, along with its political data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica. The reason is said to be their excessive violation of the data collection policies.

Find out more here.

4. Delivery from above

Drone-tracking system paves way for UK deliveries from the air. The new system is being co-developed by the air traffic control service Nats and a startup, Altitude Angel. They aim to launch it in 2019 or 2020.

Read more about the drone tracking system here.

5. Looking to sort out your home office?

Do you need basic items - like a monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer - but your floor space is limited? Do you want some creative ideas for your desk?

Let's have a look, shall we? Click here for our best tips.

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