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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Software Advisory Service!

1. What services do SAS offer?

Based on your own specific software requirements, SAS create a tailored shortlist of partners who can provide you with the most suitable IT solution. Using our non-chargeable, consultative service, the sourcing process timeline can be reduced by up to 80%, saving you time and money, not to mention ensuring that you are only meeting partners that will fulfil your individual requirements.

2. Why is it free / non-chargeable?

SAS are supported by pre-vetted technology partners, so we can provide you with unbiased advice on which solution is best suited to your business. This is a non-chargeable service for IT buyers as SAS acts as the introductory consultant creating initial relationships between IT buyers and technology providers.

3. What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Software Advisory Service is a 100% non-chargeable and impartial consultancy service for IT buyers. Our advice, your decision.

4. Which industries are covered?

We provide advice and support for various industries including: Education, Retail, Construction, Wholesale & Distribution, Not-for-profit and Professional Services. Our recommendations are tailored to your industry-specific and individual requirements, to provide the most comprehensive advice for your business.

5. Which solutions can SAS advice on?

Whether you are looking for ERP or Document Management software solutions, SAS can advise on the best technology partner to fulfil your IT project requirements. Browse our ‘Software Solutions’web page for full details on the software packages we can help with, including: CRM, ERP, Accounting Software, Facilities Management Software, BI (Business Intelligence), Document Management, Warehouse Management and MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning). 
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