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Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated IT Support Partner

It’s unsurprising that in today’s business environment that to ensure business continuity, you need a reliable IT Support infrastructure. However you may not want a dedicated and costly IT Support department within your business.

That’s why many companies turn to third-parties for managed services. These companies provide expert round the clock IT Support Services to look after your IT infrastructure - that’s your servers, desktop computers, connectivity and business telecoms.

Of course you can handle all your IT and the associated infrastructure in-house, but there are some compelling reasons to implement third-party IT support through a managed services provider.


Personalised IT Support Service

Firstly, IT Support Services are easily tailored to your business’s requirements. Your business can have a package of services modified especially for you that meets your needs in terms of response times, on-site access, or which particular services you need covered.
Perhaps you don’t want an all-encompassing service because your staff are particularly proficient in a certain area. So, not every aspect has to be covered - ensuring your only paying for what your business needs. On the other hand, you may have a skills gap in other areas and are looking to have these filled by outsourcing them to a managed services provider. There are many options available in terms of coverage.

Perhaps you only need a basic level of cover. Or conversely, you may want a more premium, belt-and-braces version that protects you from all degrees of risk.


24/7 IT Support

If your hardware, software or communications go down, it can bring your business to a grinding halt. Using a managed services supplier ensures that your business can work round the clock. Whatever the time of day, your provider can be available and on-call to solve your issues.

This minimises downtime and helps your operations to run smoothly and effectively. Not all companies require round-the-clock support, but with increased globalisation and rapid expansion of ecommerce services, more and more companies rely on IT to provide a service to their customers 24 hours a day.


Enhanced Cost Control

IT Support providers offer a vast range of payment and cover packages. Some offer an on-demand package, where they work for you on a pay-as-you go basis. This allows you to better control your IT costs as it has the advantage that you’re only paying out when you need assistance.

Or you may prefer the monthly, quarterly or annual packages that are all-inclusive in terms of giving you permanent cover. If you choose one of these fixed price plans, then your IT costs are known in advance for the duration of the contract, which can allow you to budget effectively.

Outsourcing to a dedicated IT support provider also reduces your own costs of recruiting, training and employing a full-time staff member.


Less Pressure on your In-House IT Team

An IT services provider can relieve the pressure on your in-house team, leaving your staff free to focus on strategic projects and concentrate on the core aspects of the business.

If an IT issue arises, they won’t need to be running around fire-fighting the problems. Instead, they can concentrate on their jobs and leave the resolution in the hands of the managed services provider. This provides a welcome degree of certainty and relieves some of the stress of managing your IT in-house.


Reduced Risk

A third-party IT services supplier can mitigate some of the IT risks for you. By passing on the management of your infrastructure to a third-party, you reduce your exposure to various risks.

There are data security and compliance risks associated with handling and processing customer information. Not only this there is a risk that you are implementing outdated technology. And there are risks from large-scale capital expenditure on in-house IT support.

Unburdening your business of some of this risk frees you up to be more a more dynamic and proactive business that can provide a better product or an enhanced service to your customers.


Access to Expertise

IT support providers are industry experts, so they are knowledgeable about the latest compliance issues and security updates. These companies have built up their knowledge and gained their expertise over many years. They have become experts in their field and so are well-placed to advise businesses on the management of their infrastructure.


Ultimately, a dedicated IT support provider brings valuable peace of mind. With guaranteed levels of up-time, they can minimise risk and reduce potential disruption to your business. They can enhance your everyday IT operations, making them more efficient and more reliable, which only serves to make your business operate more productively.

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