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Why More UK Firms turn to Managed Services

Here at Software Advisory Service, we have in the past few months experienced an increase in the demand for dependable providers of Managed Services. But why is that? We have researched the most common reasons for why UK firms choose to invest in Managed Services Partners - and the results might surprise you.

Being more than simply an outsourced IT hub, a Managed Services Partner (MSP) is meant to complement rather than replace your in-house IT team. In short, it’s expertise on demand. But what are the main reasons more UK firms turn to managed services?


Increased Control of Costs

It sounds like outsourcing, you might say, but it’s really not.

Unlike more traditional ways of outsourcing, a Managed Services Provider will allow you to keep control of your IT system. It’s up to you to be clear on what you want to keep on handling yourself, and what you want them to take care of on your behalf. This retains full visibility in your relationship, and you will know exactly where you are with your managed services at any given time.

We have noticed that Managed Services is a popular choice amongst small to medium sized businesses and startups here in the UK. Typically, these firms are not yet at a point where they can afford to have an in-house IT team.This means that they risk missing out on the expertise they may or may not be dependent on today, tomorrow, or next year.

In other words, it’s an investment in the durability of their infrastructure.

Moreover, acquiring the partnership of a MSP will provide you with predictable costs. Most providers operate with subscription fees, and in return you will have access to all the expert knowledge you could ever dream of - exactly when you need it the most. Investing in a Managed Services Partner is a valuable service for small and medium sized companies, as they will get skilled and proactive expertise that they otherwise might not have been able to afford.


A managed services provider is so much more than simply an outsourced IT hub


Proactive Support

Small and medium sized businesses are not the only ones to acquire Managed Services. Large companies often invest in order to free up their own IT staff. While their MSP look after their daily IT maintenance, their own staff can focus fully on more strategic projects.

Furthermore, a business which has recently experienced rapid growth might find that their in-house IT department are struggling to keep up with the general maintenance,or that they need to prioritize which tasks to work on.

Unfortunately, an IT department that only reaches out after the damage is done, will only drag you down in the long term. Not to mention, they will make your IT costs shoot through the ceiling. A managed service provider can potentially monitor your infrastructure, learn how your business functions, and find solutions whenever there is a drop in performance or a suspicious fault in your system. They can do what your own IT department don’t have the time - or the knowledge - to do.

As an added bonus, Managed Services always stay updated on the newest technology and solutions. Technological solutions are constantly under development, and new updates are being released with more frequency than ever before. A MSP will make sure that you and your business is always ahead of your competition.


Heightened Security

Recent reports reveal that cyber security is an increased concern for most UK firms, and rightly so. A report conducted by cyber security analytics platform RedSeal in 2017, reveals that the majority of UK firms are “severely unprepared” for possible cyber attacks.

In fact, 54% of the IT teams involved in the survey predict that they don’t have the necessary tools or resources to avoid an attack, and astonishingly 55% admitted that they probably won’t be able to react quickly enough when facing a major security breach. This is disturbing news for all UK firms, especially since potential invasions can wreak havoc across the entire nation.

Lack of preparation is listed as the ultimate culprit. RedSeal’s Resilience Report shows that only 29% of the IT teams in the survey checks and updates their security systems once a year - if at all. The participants provided the following responses to why they are not taking a more proactive approach to their own cyber security:


29% Believe it’s too resource intensive

27% Believe it’s outside their budget

29% Believe it will take too much time

 This lack of preparation is scary news - especially combined with the increasing amount of cyber attacks that the UK is experiencing.

Does your in-house IT team have the knowledge necessary to fight off a vicious cyber attack? Or are you one of the many hoping that it won’t affect you?

How SAS Can Help

We understand that it can be challenging to separate between minor bugs and actual security threats. A Managed Services Provider can handle that on your behalf and actively contribute to the overall security of your business. Software Advisory Service provides a bespoke shortlist of potential partners depending on the specific requirements of your firm.

With the aid of Software Advisory Service’s non-chargeable assistance, you don’t have to waste precious time or money finding the right Managed Services Partner for you.















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