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Voices of the Industry: Brewdog's John Logue

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Voices of the Industry: Brewdog's John Logue

Brewdog started back in 2007, when two young guys were bored of the industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominated the UK beer market. The growth has been incredible, and they have hit Sunday Times Fast Track 100 six years in a row. We met up with Brewdog's John Logue, ready to catch up on tech and craft beer. 


Hey John! You are Customer Marketing Controller at Brewdog, how did you start working with the coolest brand in Scotland? 

I was approached after working for Rekorderlig Cider as the global head of CM and innovation. I had travelled all around the world with Rekorderlig, and I wanted to settle down in the UK. Brewdog came around, and it was impossible not to want to know more. And as it turned out, what I found was too exciting to turn down!


How does working within the company compare with how fun and inspiring it looks from the outside? Can you give us a quick snapshot of a typical day at Brewdog?

In a business that has doubled in size 12 times in the last 3 years, you can imagine each day is full of excitement, innovation and a fair bit of winging it! But we are all so aligned on the mission to get everyone as passionate about craft beer as we are … you just grab on and enjoy the ride!

An average day could be anything from tasting a new beer, looking at a way to get new people to first enjoy craft beer or presenting to a major grocery retailer! The constant thing is the beer, we believe its magical so telling others about that and letting them them taste it … makes the craziness a bit more understandable!


What has the rest of 2018 got in store for you and Brewdog? Are there any exciting projects you can tell us about?


Lots of awesome new beers, seasonal, new packs and wild collaborations! This year is all about concentrating on ace new craft beer innovation but making sure we get the fantastic exciting beers in the hands of people that may not have already had a craft beer … PUNK, INDIE and the likes of Clockwork Tangerine and Elvis are perfect for this … once you try one we are certain you will be hooked!


So, in such a tech obsessed society, how does tech aid the world of craft beer?


Our online space is all about de-mystifying the world of craft as well as feeding those who are already ‘beer geeks’ with new and exciting content, that’s the main use of our tech. But the new FanZine subscription we have, where you get 3 new beers every 2 weeks is probably the best example of where tech capability and mega beer have collided!


What is your favourite Brewdog product at the moment, and why?


Defo Clockwork tangerine – an amazing summer beer, it’s the MUST BBQ partner this year!


Brewdog are known for their punchy and bold marketing stunts. How are the marketing campaigns approached? 


It's all in-house, we have an awesome team who basically bounce ideas off each other and see what we can do to excite existing and potentially new craft fans. The only formula is: if it's been done before, we are not interested!


From your point of view, how much do you think the constant innovations and new technology enable companies to grow and develop and add to their success? Do you think new technology and innovations are only available for large companies?


No way, Instagram innovates every week. SM channels have levelled the playing field when it comes to advertising and consumer engagement. You don’t need to spend £1m on a TV add and £3m to air it in the middle of the xFactor final to grab attention, just tell folk about what you believe in and make sure you put your heart into the content!


Which new tech trends do you believe will make an actual impact on society?


100% it's online shopping! It started with clothing, now it's at fresh butchered meat … Soon you will be able to get your own self brewed beer to your door the next day. Shopping and pubs will never die, but online purchasing is not going away either!


Finally, what bits of tech could you not live without?


iTunes – as a huge music fan, having every album I’ve ever loved at the touch of a button keeps me happy!



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