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Top 3 Affordable Property Management Solutions 2019


In a world where everything has gone digital, it’s not exactly surprising to find that both companies and consumers alike are now relying on technology to navigate through their day-to-day tasks.


Movie enthusiasts are buying their cinema tickets on their smartphones. Hungry patrons make online reservations at their favourite restaurant in mere minutes. And prospective homebuyers use online listings and apps to find their dream home. In the real estate industry, and perhaps especially in property management, digital technology has become an integral tool for many agencies and property owners, homebuyers, and renters. However, the buying and selling of properties are not the only areas that have been forever changed by digital technology.


The management of rental properties is also an area that has been greatly improved from new software. These systems can facilitate rent and vacancy tracking, lease and insurance management, contract management and much more. A robust rental property software will even allow agencies to develop their own property website. Essentially, this can take you from managing just a handful of properties to 10, 20 or even 50 - without the organisational headache or heavy workloads.




Top 3 Affordable Property Management Software of 2019


With a good property management software at hand, landlords, property owners and professionals can easily manage rental payments, leases, contracts, maintenance responsibilities, and finances. In other words, it gives you the opportunity to streamline your day-to-day operations and reduce any unnecessary expenses.

Naturally, there are different types of solutions available on the market, ranging from web-based property management solutions for holiday rental properties to affordable housing and HOA software systems. Finding the right solution for you, however, will largely depend on the size or number of properties you’re managing. You must also consider the needs associated with maintaining those properties.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at 3 of the best affordable property management solutions currently on the market.


  • Propertyware

Propertyware is a user-friendly property management platform specifically developed for property managers and owners of small residential abodes.

This platform incorporates accounting for property management with online property optimization and marketing in a unified solution. This allows the users to minimise costs while maximising revenues from the properties they manage and are investing heavily in.

Propertyware is perfectly suited for landlords and property owners who supervise their tenants and rental properties on their own. It is also ideal for asset managers who oversee and monitor bank-owned assets. Property owners, landlords, and managers choose Propertyware for its ease of use, ease of access (for other concerned parties), and its social tools that are available to managers, employees, and tenants.


  • TenantCloud

If you’re on the market for an affordable, yet fully functional property management software, then TenantCloud might be the perfect option for you. This is a free-to-use platform designed for both landlords and tenants.

With TenantCloud, you can screen prospective tenants, send invoices or charge late payments, as well as accept rental fees online. For tenants, the platform will enable you to conduct transactions online, submit maintenance requests and send rental applications. It can also store your rental payment and transaction history in a safe and secure manner.

TenantCloud also has a premium service, which includes operational tools such as the Service Pro package, that allow landlords to easily manage day-to-day operations and thereby expand their business. In the platform, you can also get maintenance request bidding and unlimited bidding.


  • Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a feature-rich and robust property management platform designed especially for rental service agencies and property managers. This platform allows you to perform and oversee the financial and maintenance aspects of managing rental property. In addition, it can help you maintain a decent level of transparency with renters and customers.

This platform is one of the oldest and most resilient solutions on the market. Boasting over 30 years of evolution and experience, the platform has stood the test of time while other solutions have come and gone.

What makes Rent Manager a good option for real estate professionals? For one, the platform comes with a reporting module, which will help you keep track of prospective tenants and applications. It also allows you to produce detailed reports, invoices and lease agreements. Interestingly, Rent Manager also offer voice recording and broadcasting functions. With these, you can easily record messages and send them out to your contacts – there’s no need to call each individual applicant or tenant.



Benefits of Property Management Software


We have already mentioned some of the top property solutions on the market, but we haven’t really tackled why you should use such systems at all. What are the actual benefits of property management software?

If you manage multiple units, chances are that you find yourself spending too much time on repetitive and administrative tasks. If you’re looking to streamline your day-to-day operations and free up some time, you should seriously consider investing in a good real estate management software.


It’s a time saver

It’s true: a property management solution can save you plenty of time. Some of these solutions provide reporting and automation functionalities, which can make complex processes easier and much less time-consuming. From setting reminder to generating reports, these solutions can free up a lot of your time.


It’s a money saver

If time really is money, then saving time should inevitably save you money. While the initial investment of a good quality software can be costly for some companies, it can give you proper ROI when used effectively. Luckily for smaller businesses, there are plenty affordable solutions available that can facilitate property management related tasks just as well as any high-end product. The bottom line is that it can reduce both manpower and time.


It’s scalable

There are plenty of real estate platforms that can cater to business of any size and industry. The best part is that most of the newer systems available can be easily improved and upgraded, making them the ideal digital solution to facilitate your growing needs.

And with the full support of developers backing their own creation, you can expect regular updates and bug fixes to the system.


It has instant access

Most of today’s property solutions are cloud-based, meaning that you can access the system anytime and anywhere. This gives you instant access to the real-time data you need.


It’s secure

Not all software solutions are created equal. While some property management tools may lack in the security department, some of the best ones will provide you with a good level of protection.

In fact, the top property management solutions in the market are equipped with the latest security measures, which typically include backup and recovery modules, data encryptions, and firewalls. This means that the sensitive data, of both you and your tenants, is always kept safe.


Select Your Property Management Tool

There are plenty of property management solutions out there. Some are robust, while others are basic. Some are affordable, while others require serious investment. What you need to remember is that affordability should not be without functionality, and it’s absolutely imperative that you choose the solution most equipped to fulfil your needs.

Software Advisory Service offers non-chargeable, expert advice on a wide range of technology and software projects. Are you looking for a property management tool, but don’t know where to start? Fill out the form to your right, and one of our software experts will get in touch with you shortly.

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