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The Met Migrates to Microsoft Azure

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The Met Migrates to Microsoft Azure


The Metropolitan Police has confirmed it’s in the process of migrating its applications and on-premise server capacity to Microsoft Azure.


With the help of Microsoft partner New Signature, the London-based police force is expected to spend the next months migrating its entire server estate to Microsoft’s public cloud. This is in line with the Met’s goal of digital transformation, and it was first described in the report One Met Digital Policing Strategy.


Angus McCallum, Chief Information Officer at the Met, says that the overall purpose of the Metropolitan Police force is to keep London safe, and that their new focus on digital transformation will actively contribute to providing the “8.63 million residents and millions of commuters, visitors and tourists who come into our city every day” with an alert and efficient police force. Following the Met’s digital ambitions, it is clear that the force is intent on using public cloud services - as long as it does not compromise data protection laws or IT security.


The migrations brings plenty of benefits to the police force. McCallum can reveal that “Our cloud approach will allow us to only pay for the capacity and facilities that we use. We will also be able to rapidly move solutions if required, and flex our capacity up and down in response to key operational events.”


However, also Microsoft will benefit greatly from the migration. When the Metropolitan Police chooses to entrust their systems in a public cloud service, it will also be a strong validation of the capabilities and the security of Microsoft Azure.


The first phase of the migration is expected to be completed by early 2019.


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