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Six Questions with SAS: Erica Stanford

Erica Stanford

Founder of the Crypto Curry Club 

Founder of CCC Events- Tech for Sustainability, Future of Money and other Emerging Tech events


1-How did you get started in this industry?

A friend told me about cryptocurrency, I wanted to find out more so started researching. I bought a bit, started playing around with it and then began sending micro transactions just to test how it worked. I was fascinated by how quickly you could send money and could see huge potential.


2- What key tech/ software tools do you depend on the most?

Yolt- I use this to keep a snap shot of all my finances as it allows business banking as well as personal banking. It’s good to know your numbers at all times.

Audible – I travel a lot in the car and like to learn on the go so use this for listening to books and podcasts.

Google – I rely heavily on this for mail, calendar and directions.

 Zoom- The bonus one for calls and meetings – especially internationally.


3- What is your favourite podcast?

The Missing Cryptoqueen by Jamie Bartlett is by far the best I've ever heard - It's really good. We were super lucky to have him come speak at my last Crypto Curries which was amazing.


4- Do you find any technologies too hyped up or unnecessary?

Smart tech around the house- I don't want most of it in my flat. I think people largely have no idea of how much data it gets on us and how that could very easily (and soon) be used to control us.

5- What have you learned since founding The Crypto Curry Club?

Loads, mostly through meeting so many amazing people who repeatedly come to the events.


6- Which technologies do you want to implement over the next few years? 

I'm getting a blockchain based incentive/ reward scheme built by Oracle for the Crypto Curries called 'curry points', it's going to be a lot of fun. We are also partnering with Babelquest to work with Hubspot for the Curries and AI based InfloAI. After that- who knows- open to suggestions! 

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