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Six Questions with SAS: Bridget Greenwood

Bridget Greenwood, Founder at The Bigger Pie


1-How did you get started in this industry?

Different friends across the globe were talking about Bitcoin in 2016 and by 2017 I was curious enough to start doing some of my own research, and indeed purchasing some, and playing around with other crypto currencies – this started my journey and knowledge into the wider application of blockchain across all industries.


2- What are the 3-key tech/ software tools that you depend on the most?

To be able to keep a snap shot of all my finances – I use Yolt – it allows business banking as well as personal. It’s good to know your numbers at all times Audible – I travel a lot in the car, and it’s a great time to learn on the go listening to books and podcasts I rely heavily on Google – for mail, calendar, directions And a bonus one – Zoom for calls and meetings – especially internationally


3- What is your favourite book or podcast?

Without a shadow of a doubt my current favourite book is Yuval Noah Harari’s 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – I’m on my third listen of it, and I’ve got the physical book now too so I can highlight key parts (there’s a lot of highlighting!).


4- What have you learned since founding The Bigger Pie?

There is a huge appetite and welcomed response to all initiatives that look to support women in blockchain and diversity in general. Taking meaningful action is less easy for many businesses, so I see it as our job to make it frictionless for businesses to adopt practices that support diversity and inclusion. This allows those businesses to focus on their core activities while supporting their desire to build a talented, diverse and inclusive culture. It will take a village…


5-What advice would you give your younger self?

You’re good enough, take action, stay in your lane, don’t get distracted or worry what others think. – It’s not unique advice, but it’s funny how many of us have to get ‘wiser’ before we realise this. 


6- Who inspires you?

Honestly, the women already paving the way in blockchain and crypto, having a vision, pioneering forward and doing so looking to support others on their journey. That’s why I’m compelled to do what I can to see them succeed, raise their visibility and attract more women into this sector. I invite everyone to join me in this.

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