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Six Questions with SAS: Ani Alexander

Ani Alexander

Talk-o-nomics Host I Blockchain Marketer I International Speaker I Startup Mentor I Bestselling Fiction Author I Podcaster


1-How did you get started in this industry?

I am a fiction author and a few years ago, many of my writer friends began talking about the newly launched Steemit. The first time I checked it out, it was not very user friendly. I did not take the time to figure it out and just left and forgot about it. A year or so later, one of the writers in our online community messaged me saying that he made around £150k by publishing his new novel in parts on Steemit. I was like… WHAT? So, I went back (obviously). Since I was also a podcaster, I took a shortcut and did a livestream interview with a Steemit team member who explained everything to me and my audience. After that, I started publishing content on Steemit and earning crypto. Once I had some crypto, I then had to figure out what to do with it and fell down the rabbit hole in that way. I have been in the blockchain space ever since.


2- What makes Talk-o-nomics unique?

Talk-o-nomics are genuine conversations with the “real” people in the blockchain space. There is no hidden agenda, no paid features/advertising and no shilling is allowed. Everything is unscripted and most of the time we livestream episodes on the AmaZix LinkedIn page, which makes things even more authentic.


3- What is your favourite podcast?

The last one I listened to and absolutely loved was the BBC’s The Missing Crypto Queen. The way the story was told, and the quality of the production was amazing.


4- Do you find any technologies too hyped up or unnecessary?

Most technologies have a place. It is not so much that some technologies get hyped, since it usually comes and goes in waves - before it was AI, now it is blockchain - something else will come as the next hyped thing. It’s more about companies deciding to use those technologies not because they need to use them but purely because they are hyped.


5- What have you learned since becoming the Head of Marketing at AmaZix?

How to navigate working remotely. At AmaZix, the whole team is spread across the world and we all work remotely. Some of us have never even met in person. So, we basically live on Telegram most of the time. I had to learn how to make sure that remote work does not impact the quality of the relationships and our productivity levels.


6- Who has been your favourite industry interview and why?

Each guest is unique, and they all bring something to the table. Some are fascinating with their passion and courage, some impress with their depth of knowledge, some have inspirational stories. What unites them all though is the desire to contribute to the space and make it better.

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