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October 2018: New Features in Microsoft Business Applications

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October 2018: New Features in Microsoft Business Applications


In October, Microsoft will roll out new features and improvements for Dynamics 365 Business Applications. Microsoft’s release notes gives an overview of the new features, so let’s take a look at some of the changes and how they might impact your current solution.


With the much anticipated October release, it’s clear that the availability and functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central will be greatly extended. It’s also confirmed that the on-premise version of Business Central will be the successor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Customers who currently sport a local Dynamics NAV solution will still be able to use it after October, but subsequent versions will no longer be available under the same name.



So What’s New in Microsoft’s October 2018 Release?


Judging by the release notes, the new Business Applications will bring capabilities that can significantly transform your business. These new services will become available in October:


  • There will be enhancements to Dynamics 365 applications, and there will be various updates across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Omni-Channel Engagement Hub, Field Service, Portals, Social Engagement, Finance and Operations, and Business Central.
  • Microsoft now includes mixed-reality experiences using Microsoft Layout and Microsoft Remote Assistant
  • The marketing applications will offer a more functional account-based marketing system, and better LinkedIn integration
  • Microsoft Research has invested in AI to make Dynamics 365 more intelligent. This will let you enhance your sales performance with the new Dynamics 365 AI for Sales application
  • Data integration opens for built-in connectivity to Dynamics Power platform, enabling intelligent data sharing experiences across hundreds of business systems.
  • Deeper integrations with other Microsoft products offer seamless transitions with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint, Azure and LinkedIn. Additionally, Microsoft has enhanced Dynamics 365 with data from Office 365 and Bing.
  • General enhancements in performance, supportability and usability improve both the applications and the platform - and it provides a better and more holistic experience for you and your business.


In short, the October release of Microsoft Dynamics enables digital transformation by delivering stability, AI-driven analytics, and better scaling and productivity opportunities. This will all ensure a more holistic integration across the entire Microsoft ecosystem.


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