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The Must-Have CRM Features in 2019

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The Must-Have CRM Features in 2019


Customer Relationship Management, or a CRM, is a process that covers the practices, strategies, and technologies that businesses use to effectively manage their customers. With the aid of a CRM solution, companies are able to organise and analyse customer behaviour, interactions, and a wide variety of data throughout the customer lifecycle.


Essentially, the goal of a CRM solution is to improve customer relationships, to assist in customer retention and to drive sales and profit growth. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your current CRM solution? To make your decision easier, our CRM experts have taken a look at the most crucial features of CRM in 2019. Let’s take a closer look.


What are the Most Common Features of a Standard CRM System?

When working with customers, it can be a challenging endeavour to satisfy all their needs and demands. Maintaining and keeping up with contacts, accurately diagnosing issues and making sure they’re satisfied with the products or services you provide, is tricky for both SMEs and global conglomerates alike.

A good CRM software, with the appropriate features and functionalities, can open up a world of opportunities for your organisation. And with the right platform, your customer relations team will have the ability to carry a good chunk of the workload for business and sales processes – without too much of a fuzz.

The highly competitive nature of doing business in this day and age, requires companies to expertly manage prospects and existing customers with the utmost care. Naturally, the last thing you want is to lose touch with your clients and give them a reason to switch over to your competitors. This is why CRM software has become integral components for any growing business in 2019, especially for those who focus on increasing their customer outreach. And, to be honest, that should be all of us, shouldn’t it?

While many CRM systems are specifically tailored to large companies and enterprises, there are still many CRM vendors on the market developing robust CRMs for SMEs. We especially recommend that you take a closer look at the solutions on offer by Capsule, HubSpot, GreenRope and FunnelCRM

In case you’re new to the world of CRM, here’s a few of the key features most good CRM vendors offer:


Lead Management


Lead Management is one of the integral features in any CRM solution. This feature enables marketing and customer relations teams to determine the highest quality leads, the best customers to follow up with based on factors such as demographic or psychographic factors.

Similar to lead scoring, a good lead management system helps teams to improve the efficiency and productivity of their marketing and sales processes. Sales teams will be able to manage their time and effort more efficiently as they are able to focus on the right leads at the right time with the most probability of conversion. If you’re wondering whether you need a CRM or marketing automation software, I can recommend this guide right here.


Contact Management


Another staple feature in CRM solutions is contact management. This element allows businesses to segment their contacts into key groups, thereby making it easier to organise their customer base and better cater to their needs.

With this feature, users can collect critical customer information and boost their marketing strategies, especially when introducing new products. In addition, you can use contact management to improve the personalisation aspect of all contact with customer, which – in our opinion – is key to customer retention and satisfaction. You always want to make sure your clients feel cared for.


Sales Analytics


The ability to study and analyse data of past sales and marketing campaigns is one of the most crucial aspects in business. You must be able to identify which of your campaigns worked or made a lasting impression with your target audience, so that you can create more effective strategies for future campaigns.

This is what sales analytics can bring to the table. Arguably, it’s one of the most valuable features in any CRM solution. A CRM with sales analytics capabilities will be able to help users gather customer data from various sources, including social media, web traffic, and online polls. The system will then analyse the data and come up with valuable insights for sales and marketing teams to work on.


Reporting Capabilities and Dashboards


Any CRM solution worth its price should have decent reporting capabilities and a clean, comprehensive dashboard for users. Originally, reporting were mostly found in Business Intelligence (BI) tools. These days, most of the top CRM systems have integrated the features, allowing users to view highly visualised data.

In addition to offer real-time data updates, this feature can also provide a platform that’s accessible through various portals, thereby improving accessibility for all personnel.


Mobile CRM


Any professional, from web design to software development to SEO, appreciates the importance of mobile-driven strategies. In fact, most software design nowadays are developed with a mobile-first approach. And since almost every individual on the planet has a smartphone, it makes great sense to take advantage of this in order to connect with prospects and existing customers on a more personal level.

Mobile CRM also brings an array of benefits. Busy professionals can access their CRM programs and apps on remote devices, meaning that it’s convenient to work anywhere, anytime. In short, this means that you can view crucial data just one more time before heading into that important board meeting, or receive important alerts about ongoing campaigns while being out in the field.

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What are the Must-Have CRM Features in 2019?


According to a recent survey, there are roughly 50 million startups being launched worldwide every single year. Quite impressive isn’t it?

Based on these numbers, it’s easy to see just how fierce the competition is on today’s market. The number also underscores the importance of establishing a good relationship with both existing and prospective customers. Enter, CRM solutions.

CRMs will enable businesses to remain focused and work aggressively to develop a customer-centric approach to their marketing and sales efforts. In fact, any successful entrepreneur would tell you there is no cookie-cutter solution for finding success in the world of business. Startups and SMEs, even the larger enterprises, deal with all kinds of challenges in order to gain success. The key is to build the right team and find the right business solutions, which includes CRM systems.

With that being said, our CRM experts have gathered a list of the most crucial CRM features you should look out for in 2019. While these features might seem inherent to most CRM systems, they are among the most important and should definitely not be overlooked.


A Good Database


Having a good database for all your customer information collection is alpha and omega for any organised business. Not only does it provide you with a secure and organised home for your customer information and purchase data, but a good CRM database will also enable companies to effectively corral a wide variety of streaming data from various sources into a single location.

Moreover, this feature allows you to set up comprehensive customer profiles based on valuable insights from the data. When you’re on the search for a CRM software, always consider one that offers unlimited reporting and bulk importing, which will make it easier for you to manage the ever-growing volume of data that will eventually be added into the system.


Payment Processing Capabilities


If you’re an SME or a startup, it will be valuable to have a platform that offers a wide range of functionality, not just a basic CRM.

You will want a solution that caters to a wide market with all the basic tools you need, from customer relationship management to payment processing, which allows you to collect customer payments in the most efficient and convenient way possible.

There are vendors that offer payment processing as an added feature, but some of them charge licensing fees and annual charges on top of the CRM costs. In the long run, this might not be especially cost-effective for your business. The best approach is to look for one that has unambiguous pricing for the CRM and payment processing services, ones unhindered by hidden charges or setup fees.


Email Integration and Syncing


In the past, users had to log out of their CRM accounts and login to their email to view new messages. By today’s standards, this method is considered highly inefficient. If you take into account the number of times you check your email in a single day, moving in and out of multiple accounts can rack up a substantial amount of wasted time.

This is what makes a CRM solution that offers email integrations with real-time syncing an indispensable tool. You want a platform with outbound and inbound email that synchronises seamlessly with a wide variety of email services, including giants like Gmail and Outlook. This will make you day-to-day processes significantly more efficient and less time-consuming.

Moreover, CRM systems that offer email integrations also provide email templates that enable you to craft stunning marketing campaigns, which can easily be sent out through automation. Plus, metrics capabilities will show you how your email campaigns are doing so you can make the necessary tweaks to make them more effective.


Built-in Helpdesk


Naturally, you want to get as many potential customers as possible. Whether you’re a startup or a conglomerate, you can benefit greatly from word of mouth and referrals. And the best way to encourage word of mouth is to provide a satisfying customer experience. Happy and satisfied customers are repeat customers.

With this in mind, a CRM solution with a built-in helpdesk should be a crucial deciding factor. This very useful feature will provide you the ability to provide adequate support to all customers in a quick and efficient manner. It will also enable you to keep track of your team’s progress and effectiveness in handling requests and customer support, from the moment they receive the request to them resolving the issue.

And with mobile CRM, support teams can do all of this anytime and anywhere using any internet-enabled device.

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