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HR Software: The right solution for you


Human Resource (HR) solutions are designed to help organisations manage every aspect of their HR operations. These HR Software Solutions have the ability to automate many of the administrative processes, in turn rapidly increasing your productivity and driving efficiency. HR software can also support you on a strategic level - helping you to recruit, develop and manage your company’s most valuable resource: its people.

Industry experts have determined that the HR software industry should be broken down into three categories in order to simplify the selection process for prospective users. These are; Core HR, Workforce Management and Strategic HR. These three central categories cover the following areas that fall under the HR “umbrella”:

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Core HR



Core HR is essentially the foundations of information and processes associated with the employees in any business or organisation. This can include anything from personal information and benefits to financial facets of the business such as enrollment, wages and tax. Any software solution that’s designed to store employee information, use employee information to extract reports, and create palpable employee profiles is considered Core HR software.

Benefits Administration

It is estimated that 58% of HR staff time is spent on administrative tasks, a worrying statistic for any business, and this does not even include the additional 20% of time spent on activities related to reporting and compliance. The information Core HR holds is critical to the overall business’ HR management. Knowing exactly how many employees work at the company at any one time will massively ease the workload when forecasting for hiring and labour costs. Core HR also, in terms of holding information about job titles, specifications and training levels can form the basis for your business’ succession planning.

Personnel Tracking

A key part of the majority of HR software packages is the inclusion of an employee self-service portal. This portal, unique to each business, ensures the constant accuracy of HR information by allowing employees to update and edit their own information there and then, rather than having to put in a request for HR department change it, then wait for the change to be processed which all takes up valuable time for both parties.  


Workforce Management

Time and Attendance

The most recognisable facet of workforce management is arguably employee time and attendance. Traditionally manual systems would rely on highly skilled individuals going through the lengthy and costly process of totalling up figures on employee paper cards and stamping them. This would cause problems with man power needed to work the process, as well as leaving it open to human error which would inevitably leave many employees under or overpaid.

Modern automated time and attendance software systems only require employees to touch or swipe a pass or key in order to identify themselves and record their work hours automatically as they are entering or leaving the workplace. In recent times technological advances have given way to the entry passes and keys being replaced with bio-metrics such as hand print, finger print and even facial recognition technology.  Introducing these states of the art methods of recording employee time attendance and integrating it with an HR software solution so the full process is automated has many benefits over the traditional manual methods:

  • Real-time processing of employees’ attendance with a simple touch or scan
  • Fraud prevention by eliminating the forging of documents or passes or any duplicate accreditation
  • Saves valuable time and money, as attendance can be integrated directly with the HR payroll solution or it can produce downloadable reports
  • Improves employee punctuality and prolonged absenteeism as it is impossible to forge or skirt round the logging system

Employee Scheduling

The aim of employee scheduling software is to completely automate the process of creating and scheduling employee activity. With this in place productivity will inevitably increase, but negatively makes much of the secretarial and similar positions obsolete. However, this can work positively as employees working in these departments can be moved over to other departments and carry out more progressive and meaningful work that benefits the business going forward.  


Strategic HR

Applicant Tracking System

Arguably the most recognisable facet of strategic HR software is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS handles your business’ recruitment process by sifting through all resumes, and shortlisting a manageable number who are a suitable fit for the position in question.

There are some differences in how the system processes resumes as opposed to how human recruiters would. Where human recruiters would often look for instances of spelling errors or lack of relevant skills, ATS’ would search the resumes for keywords, which in theory builds up a much more in-depth profile of the applicant. The employer can even command the ATS to search the company’s entire database of resumes to look for candidates with certain qualifications.

ATS’ are far more efficient in organising and streamlining the application process, as well as saving paper and time.

Performance Review

Another key aspect of strategic HR is performance management. Performance reviewing is an important way for employers to measure the success of their employees, and in turn for the employees to know how they are performing within the company. While there are the obvious manual ways of conducting performance reviews in the traditional sense, HR software designed for the task of managing performance is now widely available and makes the process substantially easier, not to mention more accurate.  

Brian Crofts, Vice President of product at top HR software firm Namely, splits the main benefits of performance management software into 3 categories: organisation, accurate system of record and reporting. In the organisational sense, software can aid the HR staff easily collate and administer a performance review which can then be archived for future reference.

Accurate system of record refers to the consolidation of the performance data, and gives the organisation a 360-degree view of each employee’s profile, including their progression and areas of excellence or where improvements could be made.

Finally, the reporting benefit comes in the form of easy access to the aforementioned performance data reports that enables management and business leaders to make important strategic hiring decisions in an informed fashion.

Learning Management

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web based platform which gives an organisation’s workforce access to training, as well as giving the instructor a way to create and roll out content, and monitor employee participation and progress. One of these systems can also provide students with the access to interactive learning materials such as discussion forums, video conferencing and training videos. Companies utilising mediums such as physical literature, online support articles or Google Docs receive little to no insight into how users are interacting and coping with the learning and training. LMS software gives you instant visible metrics into employee performance, and where this can be improved or, in extreme cases, show whether the new employee is the right fit for the company.  

An LMS suited to your business needs can save you a substantial amount of time and resources by eliminating avenues of expense such as venue hire, travel costs and materials such as paper, projectors, TV screens and various other learning outlets. It also allows employees to learn at their own pace, in their own chosen environment, which usually sees a spike in productivity and success rate with training.


The HR department in any organisation is the driving force behind building a strong foundation to your business, and is ultimately how you acquire the most suitable candidates for the job, as well as helping them progress and perform once they are on board.

Therefore, it is vital that your HR processes are working effectively and delivering positive results. Choosing an HR software solution that fits your business is no mean feat, but one which could save vital time and money, as well as building the best possible team around you.

Speak to one of our experts today or fill in the form on the right, and together we can choose the perfect solution for you.

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