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How To Upgrade Your ERP: The Ultimate Checklist + Infographic

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How To Upgrade Your ERP: The Ultimate Checklist + Infographic


Most organisations dread upgrading their ERP solution. The process is known for being long, expensive and confusing if not done correctly. It’s also worth noting that the longer it takes to complete it, the higher the cost ends up being.

Even big organisations fail with their implementations -  it was recently reported that supermarket chain Lidl is jumping ship and abandoning their €500m ERP project.

Lidl is facing a situation which might be familiar to many companies: they spent millions on their brand new system - only to realize it must spend even more in order to actually make it work the way they want it to.

So, where did Lidl go wrong?

Lidl decided to implement a new ERP to replace its legacy merchandise management system as it had reached the limits of its capacity. Lidl wanted more, so naturally they decided to invest in an upgrade. The new implementation started in May 2015, but now - three years later - the atmosphere has changed dramatically. As Head of Lidl, Jesper Hoye, alerted his staff that the €500m project was cancelled, it’s clear that it was due to that “the strategic goals as originally defined by the project could not be achieved without the retailer having to spend more than it wanted”.

But Lidl is not alone. Computer Weekly can report that “failure of ERP projects to meet expectation is a common problem”. In fact, only 36% of the surveyed felt that their ERP project kept to its original plan, while 52% of the businesses surveyed claimed that their projected ended up over budget. Derek Prior, a former Gartner analyst, explains that this is unfortunately a common problem as businesses “don’t have the right level of business engagement. They do not have the right people to measure business outcomes and the business case is then put on a shelf and never looked at again”.

That’s indeed sobering news - but luckily it doesn’t have to end this way for you.


The Ultimate ERP Checklist


Upgrading your ERP doesn’t have to be awful. You just need to do your homework.

Here at Software Advisory Service, we know that preparation is the key to success, so we have put together this ERP checklist to guide you on your way to glory. By following these practices, your business will be able to do a nearly seamless software migration - without wasting time, money and other valuable resources.


Step 1: Devise a clear plan


From the outset, it should be determined exactly what is required to successfully complete the upgrade within your set budget.

What are your requirements?

Which ERP features are less important?

It’s imperative that you have a clear overview of what you want - and need - from your new solution. Once this is done, you need to create a comprehensive timeline towards a targeted end-date. This will help you and your vendor remain on track and aligned as to what needs to be done.


Step 2: Create a shortlist


After assessing several potential partners on factors such as functionality, reputation, price, and support, you should narrow the options down to a list of 5. All top five vendors should receive a detailed description of your plan, including budgets, requirements, wants, needs and deadline. Their responses to your plan will be vital when making your decision.


Step 3: Vendor selection


In this step, you must properly look through the vendors’ project proposals. Are they taking your budget into consideration? Will they actually deliver on your requirements? From this, a decision can be made as to who you believe is the best choice for you.


Step 4: Assemble an upgrade team


From your organisation, you should assemble a competent team that will overlook the ERP upgrading process. It’s critical that all team members have access to the project itinerary, so that they can fully understand the changes and benefits being put in place. Your team will be responsible for the daily contact between your vendor and your organisation.


Step 5: Execute plan


Have you agreed on a realistic implementation plan with your vendor? Then it’s time to get started!




Need help with your ERP upgrade?


It sounds tricky, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Software Advisory Service we can change this gruelling process into an effortless one - and we can even help you save valuable time and money while doing it. So, how does this work?

After an initial chat with one of our dedicated ERP experts, we will hand pick vendors who are specifically tailored to your needs. As we are funded by the technology space, our service is completely free of charge and with no obligation to continue with our selected vendors.


What are you waiting for? Start your ERP upgrade with ease today.


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