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Gartner predicts global IT spending to hit $3.76tn in 2019

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Gartner predicts global IT spending to hit $3.76tn in 2019


A new report by Gartner reveals that global organisations will spend a combined $3.8tn on enterprise software, IoT and cloud services in the coming year.

 This is an extraordinary growth, and it would represent a 3.2 percent increase on IT spending from the previous year. The spending mirrors a shift from devices to newer, less saturated areas in IT, such as cloud services, enterprise software and IoT.


Research VP at Gartner, John-David Lovelock explains that “Despite uncertainty fuelled by recession rumours, Brexit and trade wars, the likely scenario for IT spending in 2019 is growth.”


However, there is a clear change in regards to which IT segments will be impacted by the growth. According to Lovelock, the global IT spending is gradually shifting away from devices such as mobile phones, PCs and on-premise data centre infrastructure due to these markets becoming increasingly saturated. As consumers have begun to hold on to their devices much longer, the mobile phone market dipped by 1.2 percent last year alone.


Instead, the spending will now be directed towards cloud services and enterprise software.


According to Gartner, organisations will now spend money on cloud services, IoT and enterprise software, as these technologies all have the potential to improve business efficiencies and lower costs in the long term. Lovelock points to an “awakening” in people’s attitudes towards enterprise IT and technology: It’s clear that enterprise IT is no longer just seen as a necessary platform for your organisation - Rather, Lovelock says “It is becoming the very engine that moves the business”.


The IT segment is changing faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. Here at Software Advisory Service, we are proud to be part of this incredible acceleration. Last year alone, our team of dedicated software experts impacted more than £944m worth of buying decisions.

We can’t wait to follow the IT growth even further in 2019.

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