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Experience Top Security with Mobile Device Management

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Experience Top Security with Mobile Device Management

With our smartphones basically glued to our hands and the entire world at our fingertips, we can now work and connect anywhere. Sending a few emails from the backseat of a taxi. Running a report in the airport lounge before boarding. Checking the accuracy of those numbers just one more time before heading into a meeting.

In a society where we are always ‘on’, you need to ensure that your business can securely manage all of these devices in one system. But how can you do this - while still allowing your mobile devices to be accessible and live up to their true potential?  A Mobile Device Management Software can take the functionality of your devices to new heights, while also ensuring that your data is protected. And with the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks and data breaches, you should make digital security your number one priority.


What Is Mobile Device Management Software?


Mobile Device Management software, most commonly known as MDM, is used by companies to optimize the functionality and security of their devices. In a world where portable, lifestyle devices are transforming the way we work and communicate, a MDM will protect confidential data from insider threats, while still maintaining the overall productivity of your team.

An MDM works by giving an IT administrator access to regulate both corporate and personally owned devices, and ensuring that these live up to the overall standards and policies. MDM allows you to monitor, manage and secure the mobile devices, making it an effortless way of maintaining your desired level of IT control. The software can also dramatically increase your level of security: it can mitigate the risk of lost data, it can stop unapproved software installs, and it can prevent unauthorised access to the mobile devices and the corporate network.


How Does Mobile Device Management Work?


In a nutshell, the functionality of a mobile device management software relies on two things: the MDM agent and the MDM server. While the MDM agent lives on your device, the server will live in your data centre, this can be either in the cloud or in an on-premise solution.

From here, your IT administrator can access and configure your policies through the server management console, and it will then send those policies to the various devices. Finally, the agents will apply the policies via the APIs built directly into the device operating the system.

In other words, you can gain full control and visibility by the single push of a button.




How Does Mobile Device Management Software Keep Your Network Safe?


MDM prevents data loss


The potential risk of data loss is a big concern for many IT managers. With a Mobile Device Management Software, you can mitigate the risks by running frequent backups and ensuring that only employees with the right security clearance can access sensitive documents. Another layer of protection can be added by utilising forced encryption.  


It can control your costs


MDM software allows the implementation of tariffs and data limitations, a valuable asset for any company with multiple employees on various phone contracts.


MDM will make your operations seamless


MDM software makes it easier for your employees to work across various sites and offices - with no interruption or problems with gaining access to the system. As long as your employees are connected to wifi, their operations will still be seamless and smooth even when moving from one location to another.


It auto-wipes sensitive content


If an employee is poached by one of your competitors, MDM software can quickly and efficiently ensure that she no longer has access to your most sensitive data. This is a highly valuable function as it prevents sensitive or classified data from being leaked.


MDM updates automatically


Experience greater ease of management by allowing automatic processes, such as updates and configurations. All the updates will take place in the background, giving you room to continue your work without any actual downtime.



Stay Secure with SAS

Mobile Device Management can be a great asset for any modern business. They are suitable for any type of network, and they can be used by enterprise customers of all sizes and industries. If you want to gain full control and take your mobile device security to the next level, you should look no further than a Mobile Device Management software.

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