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Estonia is ready to take UK’s tech talent after Brexit

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Estonia is ready to take UK’s tech talent after Brexit


While countries such as the UK and the US are trying to keep the number of workers coming to their country to a minimum, Estonia has taken a complete opposite approach. Their liberal immigration rules allow Estonia to branch out and set their sights on the tech talent ousted by Brexit.


Estonia are striving to become the new IT capital of Europe, and they have long tried to generate investment from international IT companies and to attract workers from foreign countries to come there.


So far, studies have shown that Estonia are short of around 10,000 workers needed in their growing IT sector. This could turn sour for the little country if they don’t act fast enough, as they have more start-ups per capita than any other country. But, luckily for them, Brexit is coming up.




Facing the problem

Faced with their skills shortage, Estonia has taken a “no panic”-approach, and they are doing whatever they can to address their problems and quickly turn them into positives. Already in 2015, they introduced an e-Residency programme that allows entrepreneurs from foreign countries to apply for visa and to access government services. This programme is a transnational digital identity that is available to any entrepreneur willing to work for Estonia.


The Estonian Government is also creating a platform for international recruitment, which may involve visas for people working online. This programme is being engineered by Jobbatical, an interior and recruitment platform, who wish to introduce a ‘digital nomad visa’ that allows workers to travel in Estonia for up to a year. In addition to this, the visa allows them access to 25 other countries in the Schengen Area for up to 90 days.


The Government is working closely with Jobbatical one other interesting projects, too. The CEO at Jobbatical, Karoli Hindriks, explains what Estonia is doing to address the challenges they are currently facing. “Today, according to the Estonian government the country is short of 10,000 people with the right IT skills,” said Hindriks. “There are more and more global companies building their teams here, so Estonia is making immigration very simple.”

Karoli explains that because Estonia has such a small population, it is necessary that they have foreign workers to function. She also mentions that organisations can be granted permits that allow them to bring foreign nationals in within 24 hours.

The recruitment company Jobbatical is designed specifically for people who wish to work in different countries. It offers a support for those relocating through communication with governments and helps find opportunities that compliment their talents. They also provide support for national governments, helping them to understand the problems they may face when bringing foreigners to their country. Estonia may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of working overseas, but by making the process of moving much easier, it is a country to consider.

While most countries view immigration in a negative light at this moment in society, Estonia see an opportunity for great talent to come on board and help.


Jobs for English Speakers

Faced with Brexit, it appears as if plenty of international companies are packing up their London offices and relocating elsewhere. And they take the jobs with them. The amount of jobs advertised for English speakers has skyrocketed since the referendum. Places such as Paris, Dublin, Berlin and Amsterdam are actively seeking English speaking talent – with Berlin and Tallinn focusing on IT professionals.

Recent studies are suggesting that the need for English-speaking professionals are growing rapidly. Berlin is expected to need more than 10,000 professionals.


3,103 of these 10,000 jobs are tech related, with this rising by an average of 4% each month.



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