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Compare Managed Service Providers

With so many Managed Service partners on the market, how do you choose the right provider for your business?

At Software Advisory Service, we identify the best Managed Service partners who are guaranteed to meet all your requirements. Saving you both time and money!

This completely non-chargeable service includes:

• Independent buying advice
• A shortlist of specially selected partners with great pedigree in implementing Managed Services in your industry and area
• Partner background information
• Partners guaranteed to support you through remote maintenance, repairs and general management of your IT infrastructure and associated systems
• No obligation to purchase from our recommended partners


A dependable Managed Service partner minimizes business downtime when issues arise - allowing you to get on with business as usual and eradicate the aches and pains of IT problems.


Complete the form below to get started & we will have your shortlist to you within 48 hours.


Managed Service Partners

Managed service partners provide remote maintenance, repairs and general management of a business’ IT infrastructure and associated systems. Breaking from traditional IT solution pricing models, this method is typically carried out using a subscription model.

While most IT solution services use a break/fix model where one-off payments are made, managed service partners tend to offer a monthly recurring payment option. This is particularly valuable to business who foresee the need for comprehensive and regular IT support.

Outsourcing IT solution services has enabled businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, to gain proactive IT expertise that they may otherwise have been unable to afford.

The performance and quality metrics that dictate the relationship between a customer and their chosen managed service partner are likely to be outlined in a service-level agreement. Before work starts, this agreement will define what services the partner is obligated to carry out, and the performance standards they are required to meet.

What are the benefits of a service level agreement with a Managed Service partner?

There are numerous benefits that come when a business decides to outsource the day-to-day management of their IT Infrastructure to a managed service partner, on a service-level agreement.

Many small to medium sized businesses enlist the services of a managed service partner for the cost savings that such a relationship bears. Business managers who choose to switch from traditional break/fix IT solution providers have typically identified that money can be saved by doing. This, of course, always depends on the businesses themselves and the frequency of IT support that they require.

An associated advantage pertains to more predictable costs. With a managed service partner, IT outspend doesn’t have to be guessed which leads to better financial planning and resource forecasting.

You will have access to a large team of highly skilled and experienced IT experts, who you can count on at all times. No matter the time of day, the service provider is always at hand to resolve any issues that occur. This increased level of service takes relieves many of the pressures that would be felt by an in-house team.

And as an extension of this, a managed service partner will provide you with a better level of proactive support. In many cases, competent MSPs will be constantly monitoring your IT infrastructure remotely to identify any issues pre-emptively.

Managing your IT infrastructure in-house places responsibility on your business to ensure that you keep software, hardware and the best practices up-to-date. With an outsourced service, they take on that responsibility, so you can essentially future proof your IT infrastructure. Any self-respecting managed service partner will ensure that they use the latest technology as their business depends on it.

Find Managed Service Providers with SAS

At Software Advisory Service, we make the task of finding IT service providers much easier. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business and IT requirements, then provide you with a shortlist of suitable managed service partners that meet your criteria. We can do this due to the relationships we have formed with hundreds of professional technology partners throughout the UK.

Our consultative service is free and ensures that you can get access to the only most suitable managed service partners, saving you time and money. Contact us and start your search today.














Compare Managed Services

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