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Compare Cloud ERP Software

An effective Cloud ERP solution can host a multitude of revenue-generating benefits for your business, but how do you choose the best system for your business? And why choose a cloud solution versus on-premise?

At Software Advisory Service, our software experts explore the benefits and suitability for your business and identify Cloud ERP partners who are guaranteed to meet all your business's requirements.

This completely non-chargeable service includes:

• Independent Cloud ERP buying advice
• A shortlist of our top 10 specially selected partners with great pedigree in implementing Cloud ERP solutions for your industry
• Partner background information
• Partners guaranteed to support you through decision-making, implementation and on-going support on your new system
• No obligation to purchase from our recommended ERP partners

Drive business success through an ERP system which empowers you to consolidate internal and external data in one centralised system.

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Cloud ERP Software Providers

Many companies, big or small, may ask themselves the question, “Where can I find professional ERP software providers”, when they haven’t yet asked the question “Do I need Enterprise Resource Planning software”?

If you and your company find that you are using lots of different software for different business processes, and accessing information isn’t that straight forward, then the answer is yes. And small to medium sized business that have complex IT infrastructures, challenges with inventory management or overly complicated and time consuming accounting processes, it’s a resounding yes.

The implementation of ERP software can bring about a massive change in your business, consolidating essential processes and enabling you to manage them in a more effective and efficient manner. Without Enterprise Resource Planning software, many companies would not be able to operate, and if you and your company are growing fast, then a business decision on sourcing ERP software providers should definitely be made.

What are the benefits of ERP software?

As well as the various benefits of a traditional ERP, a Cloud solution hosts additional benefits of its own. Cloud solutions have become more popular in recent years, here's some reasons why.


Cloud ERP Benefits

Cloud solutions are hosted on the internet, making accessibility extremely easy on-the-go via any device with internet access - great for teams who are working on the field or often away from their desktops.

Cloud ERP solutions are more commonly costed on a monthly or annual basis, making the initial investment less daunting than an on-premise solution and categorizes the cost as an operational costs rather than an capital expenditure. Furthermore there are no hardware costs. However, there are typically additional extra costs for support, updates and training and reports have shown that costs comparisons between on-premise and cloud ERP solutions tend to be very similar in the long run - so it is important that businesses take this into account when choosing a solution.

A Cloud ERP's data and security is hosted by your provider, which can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage - all our partners have very stringent data security standards but some businesses prefer to keep their data in their own hands. However, allowing your provider to control this does offer greater stability and automatic updates from your partner as the solution is less customised.

As a rule, cloud solutions are less timely to implement, which can be seen as advantageous for businesses eager to get their new system rolled out as quick as possible.

Additional Benefits

Still not convinced? Maybe you and your company are happy with the way things are running day to day and can’t really see any problem with your business processes. But we guarantee there are very transparent benefits of ERP, here are some more benefits witnessed across both Cloud and On-Premise solutions.

In the long term, an ERP is highly cost-effective. Huge savings can be made, as it helps to reduce operation and administrative costs.

Another advantage is efficiency. It dramatically reduces the need for manual interaction with systems, and indeed, errors are also reduced. A more streamlined process can be attained with the implementation of the software, and communication between different factions of a business becomes far easier.

As companies without ERP software grow, so does the number of complex process and different software utilised. Most ERP software providers point to scalability as the most invaluable cost. Enterprise Resource Planning software help facilitate the growth of businesses, easily handling new users, processes and functions.

Security comes as standard with good Enterprise Resource Planning software. A new system can enhance the accuracy, consistency, and security of information. User management rights can be assigned, helping managers to control who can access certain data.

If that’s not enough, consider these other benefits; improved flexibility, productivity, collaboration and forecasting. But don’t just take our word for it, go to the source and ask ERP software providers how they can positively impact your business and its processes.

Considered a Hybrid solution? Many of the main authors in the market offer both Cloud-Based, On-Premise and Hybrid solutions, including; SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Exact, Syspro and Epicor and more. We'd be happy to provide you with a comparison of these solutions and their deployment type.

Finding ERP Software Providers with SAS

At Software Advisory Service, our team of expert consultants start by forming a deep understanding of your requirements before creating a shortlist of suitable technology partners. Our expertise at this stage of the process helps you clearly define your exact software requirement, and what criteria potential ERP software providers need to have.

As our consultative and sourcing service is completely free of charge, we can save you both time and money in the search for the most suitable ERP software providers. We have garnered a vast network, and currently partner with hundreds of technology partners in the UK, including established providers such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Contact us today and get the ball rolling on your search for ERP software providers.










Compare Cloud ERP Solutions


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