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Brochure Website Development


What is a Brochure Website?

A Brochure Website is a standard, static website. Such a website isn’t powered by a database through a Content Management System, but is updated by web designers using HTML. They usually outline the services you provide along with other important information such as your organisation’s contact details, much like an online version of a company brochure, hence the name. They often aren’t product-focused, but rather concentrate on the business as a whole. Brochure websites are perfect for organisations that don’t require constant updates to their information, or who don’t need visitors to buy items or make payments through the website.


Brochure websites usually contain at least these four pages:

• Homepage
• About Us
• Products/Services
• Contact Us


Why Have a Brochure Website?

Small businesses use brochure websites in order to develop an online presence, as the web is an ideal way to let more people know about your services. An online presence is also essential because potential customers will often look you up online to find out more information about your company before deciding to do business with you. You can easily be found on search engines such as Google to find your business profile, information about your services or your contact details. At this point it is expected that most important businesses have an online presence, because for all of its benefits, it is not difficult or expensive to have one.

Brochure websites have the benefit of being permanent, so that they can always be accessed by potential customers from any device connected to the internet. They can incorporate, audio, video and gifs. They can be easily shared, and you can feature them on your business’s social media platforms.


What to Consider with a Brochure Website

An effective brochure website shouldn’t just be a repository for information. Your website should be tailored with a specific aim in mind. You need to think about what you want to achieve: Is it more important to attract new customers and increase web traffic, or engage your existing audience with quality content about your sphere of business? Do you want to seem friendly or authoritative, or both? You need to think about what you are offering to the customer, and how to convey that to them.

How SAS Can Help

Once you’ve decided that your business would benefit from a brochure website, there is still the problem of finding a web developer. You need to find a web developer who can create a brochure website tailored to your business’s needs and objectives.

Software Advisory Service can provide you with non-chargeable buying advice, and provide you with a shortlist of web developers who would be ideal for your website.

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