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Benefits of VoIP for Your Industry

No matter what industry you work in, and no matter the size of your business, there are certain requirements common to every organisation. Communication is an essential part of any business’s processes, and businesses can seriously benefit from this being done efficiently and effectively.

A resourceful and reliable communication tool lets companies connect with their employees, partners and customers through high-quality calls and useful features. This helps your team be more productive, improves relationships with your customers, and keeps all of your transactions transparent and functional.

One of the most popular telecoms solutions used to handle this is Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It provides many benefits, including being less expensive, more scalable and with more features, and businesses of any size or industry would most likely benefit from switching from a traditional phone system to VoIP. However, with businesses of all different sectors and sizes, there is no one design of an off-the-shelf VoIP solution that would suit every company. Every industry has different requirements, and therefore a different VoIP solution would suit them. This article will lay out the benefits of VoIP for each industry, so that businesses can more easily find the VoIP solutions that would suit them.



Benefits of VoIP for the Hotel and Tourism Industry

You don’t have to be Basil Fawlty to know that running a hotel is a complex business, and that its success is dependent on communication and customer service, no matter the size. This can be achieved through the effective use of VoIP.

Hotel management naturally involves handling many tasks at once. There are many numbers involved in a hotel, with messages being sent through each of them. VoIP can provide a unified hotel system that allows you to carry out a number of functions on a single telephone. The statuses of rooms can be reported on, and clients can register, check-in and check-out. The system stores a full log of connections made from every hotel room which lets call costs be settled immediately. The auto-attendant feature can manage the flow of calls, so that all incoming calls end up routed to the correct departments. The same feature can also notify guests of upcoming events and other promotions with custom greetings and messages.

VoIP allows for short numbers, with which each guest can easily contact hotel services. Additional number programming using the telephone’s function buttons can accelerate contact with personnel and makes it possible to sort out any persistent issues. You can set up caller groups with an IP PBX exchange function, which offers a way for hotel staff to send a message to an entire group of recipients, such as the cleaning staff.

VoIP Wi-Fi delivers perks to business guests such as video conferencing and call bridging without the hotel having to make any significant financial investment. This is an important method of catering not just to tourists, but professionals on business trips. As a result, your hotel’s status can grow significantly without the need to invest substantial amounts of money.

VoIP’s extensive list of features such as call hold, call forwarding and voicemail can be offered to hotel customers at little cost. This may not seem like much, but it’s little touches like these that customers appreciate in a hotel, which go a long way to bring back customers and attract new ones. VoIP also offers benefits to all guests such as valet and food services, and restaurant and resort bookings.


Benefits of VoIP for Finance

More than 1,070,000 people work in the finance sector across the UK, and almost every one of these people has a phone line. These people who work in finance need to operate economically. Banks, accountants and brokers are highly focussed on cost efficiency, and as VoIP doesn’t have a large upfront investment or additional maintenance costs, they would therefore benefit from a VoIP solution.
Finance companies also need to adhere to strict regulations. VoIP can have built-in all recording and play pre-recorded service messages so that these regulations won’t be breached.

As the financial industry becomes increasingly mobile, VoIP offers features that improve the flexibility of a company’s telecommunications. VoIP mobile applications, the find me/follow me feature, and voicemail to email all help your team to stay connected all the time. VoIP’s capacity to easily integrate with different accounting systems allows for a simple means to access and merge vital financial information.


Benefits of VoIP for Insurance

VoIP can benefit any insurance company, no matter the size or set-up. Insurance firms deal with disasters, which of course can happen at any time and cannot be predicted, so companies and agents have to alwyas be prepared for anything. With VoIP, insurance companies can stay connected with the features that ensure agents don’t ever miss calls, such as find me/follow me, simultaneous ring, and call groups.


Benefits of VoIP for Manufacturing

The flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness that VoIP provides can be highly beneficial to a manufacturing company. The facilities of such companies comprise various sites which house their different departments, such as admin, finance and accounting, sales and warehouse operation. Without VoIP, it would be difficult for these different sites to communicate and collaborate successfully with each other. A manufacturing company can achieve this through features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, and advanced call management.

No matter what industry you work in, a VoIP solution can help your business. However, you’re still left with the difficulty of choosing a solution that suits you. There are many Hosted phone systems out there suited to a wide range of businesses of different sizes, needs and objectives.

In order to find your perfect solution, Software Advisory Service can help. We offer non-chargeable technology buying advice that will lead you to the VoIP system that will suit the needs of your business. Follow the 'compare providers' button on the right and we’ll get back to you with a shortlist of the best potential partners specially chosen with your unique requirements in mind. Why waste time and money looking for a VoIP system for yourself when you can get our experts to lead you to one through their experienced, impartial advice?


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