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Are You BIM Compliant?

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Are You BIM Compliant?


Construction projects involve multiple tradesmen all carefully timed, planned and organised to arrive, carry out work and leave according to stringent plans. And arranging this jigsaw of tradesmen is tough even for the most experienced project managers.

Let’s take a look at how the BIM mandate can ease your operations.


What is the BIM Mandate?


The BIM mandate has been a buzzword in the construction industry lately. But how can you comply?

Short for Business Information Modelling, BIM is the attempt of digitising the construction industry. Essentially, this mandate is a supplementary legal agreement for anyone involved in construction work in the UK, and it adds obligations and rights for both the employer and the contractor. Including BIM is now the new normal, and UK businesses are expected to comply to the following:

  • Include BIM contractually
  • Client funding approval will require BIM implementation

In a nutshell, the BM is all about making information accessible. This means that you and your contractors will be required to have a software in place to ensure that everyone involved can easily access all the necessary information.

In addition, this information must be straightforward and easy to understand.

How will the BIM mandate impact you?


The short answer is for the better.


  • Simplify your work processes


With all information readily available in one solution, it will be easier for everyone to decide which contractor/employee is needed for which day and for what task.


  • Take the guesswork out of the process

I think we’ve all heard the saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. By implementing construction management solution, you automatically take the guesswork out of your processes.


  • Increase visibility

It’s time to take control of your budget, cost control and scheduling. And if your workflow is fully digitised, you are more likely to deliver better quality work, too.

By being BIM compliant, you can essentially mitigate the confusion, frustration and budget wastes that normally impacts the management process.



It’s time to comply


The key purpose of BIM is to combat typical problems in the construction industry, such as confusion around scheduled shifts, delivering projects late and going over budget.

And in order to comply with the legislation, you will need to implement a construction management software.

This solution will bring predictability to any project, both in terms of capital expenses and operation procedures. In addition, you will find that the management process will be easier due to shared access to a full audit trail on all your projects.

The BIM mandate requires you to provide essential project information in document formats that everyone involved will both be familiar with and able to access. This includes information such as work schedules, emails, project management plans, and drawings.

In short, a construction management software will aid you with

  • Core planning and scheduling
  • Allocation of resources and materials
  • Estimations of costs and budget
  • Document and information management
  • Bid tracking
  • Purchase orders and vendor management

Is it time to comply with the BIM mandate?

Then our experts here at Software Advisory Service should be your first stop. We know that complying with new legislation can be a daunting task, and that's why our free consultative IT service will take most of the pressure away from you. 

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