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App Development Solutions

If you go outside, it’s likely that you’ll soon run into someone staring at their phone. Mobile phones have evolved from being a means of calling someone anywhere to being able to use the internet and mobile applications anywhere. More people use the internet on mobile devices than they do on desktop PCs, which makes engaging with mobile users a priority for businesses looking to progress. Having your own mobile app isn’t just a luxury for large major companies. It’s becoming more frequent to see small and mid-size businesses with their own apps as the market grows and people start to realise the benefits of App Development.


Why Develop an Application?

An application can be virtually anything you want it to be. An app can function as a direct marketing channel, displaying features such as general information, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers and news feeds. All of the information that you want your customers to have goes straight to their phone. You can give your customers a one-stop point for all the information they need. They can be alerted about special offers, sales and promotions, which can now be done more directly through push notifications. Regular updates give customers an incentive to check the app frequently.

Customers can now engage directly with businesses through mobile applications. You can engage them with offers in real time, and use their information and location to personalise the offers. Apps can also offer customer support by providing a means to talk with you directly. You can also add guides and instructions so that customers have the means to easily solve problems themselves.

Having an app is a form of advertisement in itself, and can significantly build brand awareness for your business. A functional app that people want will spread quickly by virtue of its utility, so app development is a good opportunity to put together a brand persona and design the app in such a way as to emphasise the personality you wish to convey. The more people download and use the app, the more people will pay for your product or service. Even if a customer doesn’t use the app much, just getting the app on someone’s phone is a victory in itself, as the customer will still see and scroll past the app frequently. This improves the visibility of your brand.

Key Features of App Development

User Interface
The user interface needs to be intuitively designed, so that the user can access content in the easiest way possible. If every function can be accessed simply, customers can get more out of the application. A pleasing design will make the app a better experience for customers, enticing them to use the app more. This needs to be done within the limited constraints of mobile devices, which typically have imperfect memory and bandwidth. This needs to be taken into account when designing an application, so smaller resolution images need to be used in order to keep an app from taking up too much memory.

Android and iOS
Both of these operating systems are extensively used, so it is vital to make sure that the application works on any device running either of these two systems.

The application needs to run reasonably quickly; otherwise users will be deterred from using it. Aspects such as loading speed are usually handled by a quality assurance team.


You need to be able to guarantee your customers that their information will not be leaked. This will get more users for your app who won’t be deterred by any potential risks, and avoids any potentially disastrous scandals.


Offline Mode
Obviously mobiles aren’t always connected to the internet, so if your application’s functions don’t all rely on an internet connection, make sure it’s still possible for it to be used even when offline.


For an enduring application, you need to be able to update it regularly with bug fixes or new features, and to update and add to the content.


It’s human nature; people like to customise. Include in your settings the ability to change fonts, colours and sizes. Let it be their app too.


Your content needs to be accessed easily, particularly if there’s a lot of it, which is why for many applications a search function is essential. If you provide a system of search and filters, even content uploaded a long time ago becomes easily retrievable to those who want it.


An application can allow a business to gather valuable mobile data, track users and demonstrate how the app is being used. The app can then be adjusted accordingly to suit the needs of the customers.


When developing an application, you need to think about what the application is for, who the application is for, and what the desired outcome of developing the application is. An application can be fun, informative, functional, or all of the above.

How SAS Can Help

Once you’ve decided that your business would benefit from a mobile application, there is still the problem of finding a web developer. You need to choose a web developer who can create an application website tailored to your business’s specific needs and objectives.

Software Advisory Service can provide you with non-chargeable buying advice, and provide you with a shortlist of web developers who would be ideal for your application. Fill in the form on the right and we’ll provide you with the solution you need today!

















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