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6 Top ERP Systems for Small Businesses


Enterprise Resource Planning, known as ERP, should be the backbone of any modern business.

Primarily used by companies to monitor, store and interpret data from multiple business activities, an ERP for small businesses can benefit by streamlining supply chain management, integrate with accounts payable, or ease the processes of an entire manufacturing organisation. In other words, the right choice of ERP vendor can encompass applications across all aspects of your business - in one powerful solution. 

Essentially, your ERP modules will give you a full overview via tools such as

However, a one size fits all-approach doesn’t always suffice when it comes to choosing your new ERP solution. With system requirements differing across business and industries, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best ERP systems for small businesses, from manufacturing to eCommerce, from cloud-based to on-premise.


Our 2019 ERP shortlist


Best ERP for Discrete Manufacturing


Made specifically with consumer goods manufacturers, importers and distributors in mind, Apprise offer a fully integrated system with out-of-the-box features and a wide range of the most popular ERP modules. This comprehensive solution provides functionality including retailer compliance, electronic data interchange, forecasting, importing, logistics, warehouse management, demand planning, financials, manufacturing, import management, transportation, business intelligence and mobile sales - everything you need to improve efficiency and acquire real-time business insights for a manufacturer.

Apprise is designed to improve processes at every step of the manufacturing process from production to delivery by streamlining operations and reducing costs. Apprise is mobile compatible, which allows remote access to the software through a mobile-optimised site or through the Android or iOS applications.


Best ERP for Process Manufacturing


 The tools that BatchMaster offers are designed to meet the specific needs of process manufacturers. The system particularly suits chemical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food manufacturers. BatchMaster is available as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP Business One, Sage 100, 300 ERP and QuickBooks, as well as a complete integrated system. Its vital ERP business modules include RD Formulation, Production, Costing, Quality, Compliance, Scheduling and Mobile Data Collection.

BatchMaster lets your inventory be easily controlled based on quality status, units of measurement, expiration date, lot number and strength. Formulas can easily be changed in order to satisfy nutritional or physical targets. Labelling, reports, transactional audit reports and shipping documentation can keep you in line with industry regulations.


Best ERP for Wholesale Distribution


Epicor Distribution Suite provides a fully-integrated set of applications for any wholesale distributor, offering its solutions on a best-of-breed basis. The software is suitable for a host of industries, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fluid power, fastener, medical and petroleum. There are applications for purchasing, order management, accounting, transportation management and inventory management. Epicor also offers reporting and analysis through its Business Analyser, which converts raw data into business intelligence which can then be used to adapt and optimise its processes quickly.

This is a web-based ERP, as Epicor’s wholesale software is built on a Windows-based platform and SQL database. This gives the software the familiarity of other Windows software, reducing the learning curve for users. The openness of the SQL database provides flexibility, so that you can react to any changes in the market. The system is also easily scalable, making it suitable for wholesale companies of any size.

The Distribution Suite is fully compatible with Trading Partner Connect, Epicor’s online trading network, which streamlines the process between you, the manufacturers and end-users.

Best ERP for eCommerce



TradeGecko is a cloud-based ERP. This inventory management platform is designed especially to make commercial operations more efficient. All of your inventory management operations, critical business applications, purchasing and sales can be managed in a single application if you connect your sales channels to TradeGecko.

TradeGecko offers a B2B e-commerce portal that lets users sell wholesale directly to retailers through customised storefronts. It also contains Customer Relationship Management, demand forecasting, order fulfilment, Accounting and sales reporting functionality.

You can easily integrate TradeGecko with platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento and WooCommerce. It also integrates with Xero and Quickbooks accounting software, and ShipStation and ShipIT shipping software. TradeGecko supports multiple currencies and tax types. Users can receive reports and updates in real time for better tracking and analysis, and set reorder points for each item in the inventory.


Best ERP for the Food Industry


bcFood is a fully integrated suite from Beck Consulting designed to support the specific needs of any company that works with food products, whether they’re growers, processors, manufacturers, packers, distributors, brokers or shippers. Having had 25 years of experience providing software for the food industry, their team of business managers, CPAs, programmers and software experts are focussed on specific solutions to their market. This web-based ERP is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the best-selling ERP application globally, and is therefore easy to pick up because its interface is similar to other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and outlook.

Its functionality includes quality features such as quality EDI, CRM, business intelligence, control features, advanced notifications, workflow capabilities, recipe definition, grower accounting, trade management, licence plating and mobile warehousing. The software supports real-time visibility into all transactions and relational data models.

bcFood is highly scalable, and can suit growing businesses of virtually any size, whether it’s a start-up or a major multinational organisation. It is stable with few maintenance needs, reducing IT operating costs. The system can be installed on-site, hosted, or accessed from the Cloud.


Best ERP for the Construction Industry


Jonas Premier is a powerful cloud solution built for the particular requirements of the construction industry. The software is reasonably priced and perfect for small to mid-size general, speciality or subcontractor businesses. The software comprises a full integrated suite of modules including accounting, project management, job costing, document management, subcontract management, change order, time & expense and inventory. Significant features include full drill down reporting, Microsoft Office integration, Excel uploads, configurable form design and document approvals.

Jonas Premier is web-based, having been built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so it’s available anywhere you can access the web. This also makes the software infinitely scalable. There’s no hardware to buy, configure or maintain, which lowers startup costs. The screen design is simple and consistent, and there are three levels of help on every page, making the software easy for your employees to learn and use.

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