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5 Steps To Better Workforce Visibility

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5 Steps To Better Workforce Visibility


We bet you’ve heard it before, but the secret to running a successful business is knowing your people. You need to be fully aware of their strengths and abilities, you need to know what makes them tick. And the more you know about your workforce, the easier you can inspire them to do their best work.

To get you started, we’ve gathered up a little e-guide with 5 easy steps to increased workforce visibility. Let’s take a peak.

The workforce is dramatically different to what it was just a few years ago. As an employer, you’re busy overseeing everyone from baby boomers to millennials, from full-time Nigel who must pick up his kids from nursery at 3 o’clock on the dot, to freelancer Nancy who replies to your emails from a remote beach in Goa.

Ensuring that all these individuals work together in perfect harmony is key to your success.


What is People Science?


Software Advisory Service works with some of the leading companies in the UK, and we have noticed that these fast-growing and successful organisations share one common characteristic: they all use their people data to make better decisions.

These companies are successful because they know their people, not just their customers. This knowledge is what we refer to as people science. In a nutshell, this means applying data-driven approaches to improve the visibility of your workforce. It’s all about understanding your people and their behaviour - and then use that knowledge to generate more actionable insights and smarter business decisions.

Ultimately, it will improve engagement, productivity and performance.

But people science doesn’t just happen overnight, it’s an on-going journey. Every company needs to start by getting the basics right, before they can move forwards and build on their insights. So where do you start?



Step 1: Locate your people data


Your point of departure is an obvious one: you must obtain a complete overview of every single person in your organisation. Simply put, you must get to know them a little better.

The first step is to gather all your accurate, accessible people data in one place. With a tool such as Sage Business Cloud People, you will increase both the accuracy and efficiency of your people data. Through clever dashboards and real-time reports, you can get instant answers to anything you might ponder. Ideally, your software should

  • Be a single source for all your data
  • Automatically update information everywhere once changed
  • Be fully GDPR compliant
  • Offer a single source of truth

Step 2: Real-time reports


Once you’ve located all your data in one place, it’s time to understand what you’re data is actually saying. This step dramatically improves the visibility in your business, and it also ensures that key decisions makers have instant access to vital real-time data.

A good HR solution will give your managers the critical information they need - anywhere, any time:

  • Monitor key metrics for your entire workforce
  • Access self-service from any device at any time
  • Set permissions to access reports
  • Use one-click refresh of information to avoid constantly reworking spreadsheets
  • Enable managers to subscribe to report update notifications

Step 3: It’s time to analyze


You didn’t think you could avoid this step, did you?

In order to employ the best people, to keep the right people, and to make the best decisions, your company must be able to analyze data.

By digging deep down into your data, you can easily identify recurring problems and trends. You can also ensure that your team have all the context they need to answer key questions. To be honest, analyzing your data is pretty easy with an HR solution:

  • Track and report trends over time
  • Identify critical talent and high potential in your workforce
  • Improve succession planning by identifying key skills, gaps and development tracks
  • Evaluate methods for building the talent pipeline

Step 4: Generate insights


With all your data and information readily analysed, it’s time for you to generate valuable insights and predict the impact of potential people solutions.

We all know that planning is key to success, and the right HR solution will let you make evidence-based decisions rather than relying on simply your gut feeling. This ensures that you remain agile and keep ahead of any business changes. Your HR software will let you

  • Facilitate communication between your leaders and your teams
  • Use surveys to get regular feedback from your workforce
  • Track employee indicators such as engagement, culture and intent to stay
  • Test assumptions and potential solutions quickly and internally

Step 5: Prevent problems


Data-driven insights are the best way to deliver better outcomes and prevent future problems. With your people data, you can proactively manage and engage your workforce - and do what it takes to improve their performance.

Your people data will ensure that the right people are in the best place possible for them to do an outstanding job. And this is the very heart of people science.

  • Achieve a single source of truth for all your people data
  • Gain visibility of your entire workforce
  • Access smarter and more actionable insights
  • Redesign better ways of working


By automating the people journey, you can be empowered to make better decisions - both for your business and your people. Are you wondering how a solution like Sage can take your business to the next level? Reach out to one of our HR experts today, and redeem your free consultation. What are you waiting for?


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