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5 Quick Tips for an Effective Employee Onboarding Process

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5 Quick Tips for an Effective Employee Onboarding Process


A solid employee onboarding process can have a great impact on your company. In fact, Statistics show that 22% of all employee turnovers happen within the first 45 days of a person’s employment.

This goes to show just how much the quality of your onboarding process affects the mindset of a new hire. In fact, 1 out of ever 25 employees admit that the reason they left was because of a poor employee onboarding process. Either they were sent out to the wolves to fend for themselves, or they felt like they were just another clog in the machine. Either way, they didn’t like it.

Essentially, your onboarding process should leave a lasting impression with your new recruit. Done successfully, this will set your employee, whether she’s your new finance director or PR executive, up for success. And, as we should all know, her success will be your company’s success. You might think that you’re onboarding new hires like a pro, but let’s walk you through a few tips on how to ensure that you keep the people you hire.


Start the learning process as early as possible 

It’s a good rule of thumb to ensure that your newly hired employees start learning from the moment they sign the contract. The process of hiring, interviewing, and gathering the necessary requirements for employment is a process that can takes week, and sometimes months, to complete.

But this doesn’t mean that orientation need to wait. With the luxuries and comforts that technology affords us, plenty of companies today make use of special HR software solutions to ease onboarding and start training as early as possible. This will give your new hire a great advantage when it comes to learning about the ways your company operates.


Inform the rest of your team

 It’s always good to inform your employees that they will get a new colleague – especially if they are to be working closely together. Alert your department, or at the least the closest co-workers, that a new associate is joining the team, and that they should be prepared to answer any questions.

They should also free up some time in their schedule, if they are to provide any training to the employee.


Ensure your team is on the same page

Getting a new hire on your team should, ideally, be as effortless as possible. But for the new employee to pull their own weight as early as possible, it’s imperative that they are properly briefed and know what direction they’re headed in.

Making sure that your entire team is on the same page is essential for smooth sailing. By choosing the right HR solution, you can maximize efficiency by giving them access to past projects to understand how your team normally works. This can make the difference when it comes to whether your new employees hit the ground running.


Is your new hire equipped with the necessary tools?

Few things are worse than having a new employee show up on their first day - only to find that their necessary equipment is nowhere to be found. Your employee might be bright eyed, busy tailed and ready to go, but that doesn’t matter if they won’t get their company login details until after lunch.

Always ensure that the new hire’s workstation is fully set up and ready to go. When they enter the company and see their new “home base”, it gives the employee a sense of excitement and it incentivizes them to get started on their tasks immediately after onboarding.


Never drop them like a hot potato

 Let’s say you followed everything in this post – you’ve dotted the I’s and crossed your t’s, and made sure that your new hire’s orientation was the stuff of dreams. Then you tell them “Ok, that should be enough. Get to work now, money’s a-wasting”.

Never drop your new employees like a hot potato. Be sure to keep engaged with them. Check up on them once in a while to see how they’re doing, and be sure to ask if they have questions or concerns. If you personally don’t have the time for this, then at least make sure that their line manager or team leader continues to check up on their progress.

Basically, keep an eye on them during the first few weeks. You know, just because your child is potty trained, doesn’t mean you should forgo diapers immediately. Instead, you make sure they get the hang of it, and once you’re pretty sure they are – then you wait another couple of days before you leave them unsupervised. Just to be sure.


Achieve Quality Onboarding with HR Solutions

Did you know that, according to a recent survey, almost 70% of all people who experienced an efficient onboarding process were more likely to remain in the company for more than three years?

It’s time for UK businesses to understand that the employee onboarding process is so much more than orientation.  Instead, it’s a holistic approach that introduces them to the people, the culture, and the work ethic of your existing team. It’s basically just making sure they fit in with the company, so that both you and your new employee can enjoy the benefits of a good working relationship.

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