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3 Form Automation Solutions That Will Let You Convert More Leads

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3 Form Automation Solutions That Will Let You Convert More Leads



Today’s competitive business scene is greatly influenced by technology.


Even small businesses, often on a much stricter budget than their larger counterparts, are eagerly investing in technological innovations and new software in order to keep up with the industry.


One such software which is currently experiencing growth is form automation systems.


Embedded on your website or landing page, the tool is used to create a form that collects customer information and other essential data. These electronic forms creators are used for various purposes: for market research, for customer feedback, and for capturing leads.


When used correctly, these solutions can be a great asset to you company.



The Benefits of Forms Automation Software



Keeping up with technology and innovation is not the only reason you should consider using an online form creator. In addition to being especially good for digital marketing efforts and lead conversion, there’s also a few other benefits your company can enjoy.



Forms automation software offers convenience to both businesses and clients


Essentially, this tool makes it easier for businesses to connect with their potential customers. With just one form, you can gather all the relevant information you require from your clients. Not only can this increase customer value, but it can also make it easier for you to give the clients what they want.


In addition, you can use pre-made forms where all the essential details are automatically filled out – thereby making it faster and easier for the client to get in touch with you.



Forms automation software help businesses save time and resources


One of the most commonly cited advantages is the reduction of wasted time.


As the tool can perform all the necessary tasks, such as collecting, saving and storing data, you can spend more time reaching out to and communicating with your customers.



Forms automation software allows extensive personalization of forms


Using a form builder tool, will give you the freedom to personalize forms according to customer behaviour. This is naturally very important if you want to maximize your chances of converting leads.





Top 3 Forms Automation Software for Converting More Leads



There are plenty of features to look out for when choosing a good form builder, but as a rule of thumb it should always include pre-made templates, autofill functionality, and a central storage. Below, you’ll find our roundup of three of the best form solutions that will help you collect more leads in 2019.



Zoho Forms


Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, Zoho has plenty of pre-made themes and templates that are easy to customize. This software actually reminds us more of a small marketing automation software, as it also allows for email triggers and workflow improvements.


In addition to this, Zoho allows for online payments, cost calculations and notifications. It can also help turn leads into sales by way of automated messages that are delivered to specifically chosen sections on your website. It also comes with a data analytics dashboard, where you can regularly check performance updates and monitor site traffic.


Zoho Forms is an online form creator that doesn’t require any coding skills – it’s also mobile responsive, and integrates with both Google apps and Salesforce in addition to other Zoho products. Other great features include text editing, predictive modeling, rules-based workflow and full text search.


If you want to try it out, Zoho Form has a free version that comes with three forms, unlimited reports, file storage of 200 MB and 500 submissions monthly. The paid plan starts at $8 per month.


Zoho can be deployed on mobile (iOS Native and Android Native), the Web, and the Cloud (SaaS).






ProntoForms is a mobile form builder that comes with a very handy drag-and-drop functionality. As such, it’s incredibly easy to use – even for those of you who are not too comfortable with design and coding. This tool can either be used as a standalone software or as a front-end to record systems.


A great advantage of ProntoForms is the fact that it’s a mobile solution, meaning that users can do work and performance check even when they’re out of office. It also makes use of reporting tools and analytics to track performance and then optimize it. Other helpful features include:

    • Offline work mode
    • In-app branding and customization
    • Form-to-email
    • Data source filter
    • Search function


ProntoForms offers a free trial. It has three price packages: small business at $30 a month per user, professional at $40 per user every month, and the enterprise package—the rate of which you’ll need to get from the vendor.





Like ProntoForms, the HubSpot form builder also uses the drag and drop functionality. Once you have the form ready and designed, you can easily copy the JavaScript code provided and paste it onto your website.


HubSpot interacts perfectly with several free tools, especially the ones you can get from the free HubSpot Marketing plan. A few of these tools include collected forms, CRM, and lead flows. In addition, you can monitor lead activities and better understand a probable client’s preferences and needs.


HubSpot has a free version available that gives you access to an unlimited number of forms and more or less 1,000 fields. The paid plan starts at $50 per month.




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