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21 Terrifying Cyber Security Stats You Should Know (2019)


Get the hard facts on the many threats and challenges that define the world of IT security today.


  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, according to a study from Clark School at the University of Maryland.


  • And a Kaspersky study revealed that every third computer attacked was from the manufacturing industry.


  • In 2020, the average cost of data breaches will exceed $150 million. Additionally, Juniper Research anticipates cyber crime to cost businesses more than $2 trillion total by the end of 2019.


  • According to Nexusguard’s 2018 survey, the average DDoS attacks increase in size by 500%.


  • ZD Net reports that it takes the average company 6 months to detect a data breach.



  • The majority of malware-infected devices are found in China, according to a Panda press release.





  • The same German study revealed that people prefer polite attackers. Apparently people felt more comfortable with the attack if the hacker used a proper form of address.


  • Malware production is increasing dramatically, if we are to believe this Daily Host news report. In the second quarter of 2018 alone, there were more than 400 million new malware samples being produced.


  • Symantec found that 1 out of every 13 URLs led to malware.


  • And 20% of malicious domains are brand new. Cisco can report that these were used approximately 1 week after they were first registered.


  • According to a Varonis 2018 study, 21% of all existing files are not protected in any way.


  • The same Varonis study found that 65% of large companies have over 500 users who have never changed their passwords.


  • PwC found that only 25% of directors are directly involved in reviewing cyber security risks - which is absolutely terrifying news for any business wanting to remain secure.



  • Verizon recently analysed more than 53,000 security breaches in 65 countries - and they found that email was responsible for 92.4% of these malware attacks.


  • The same Verizon study found that 76% of all cyber attacks are solely motivated by financial gains

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