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In the past 12 months there have been massive changes in the IT world - it's time to keep up with the advancing marketspace.
Software Advisory Service offer 100% independent, expert buying advice for UK businesses for a full range of technology projects and our service is completely non-chargeable. We provide free buying advice for a multitude of IT projects, including: 

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Telecoms, Business Mobiles and Connectivity (including VoIP)
  • IT Support and Managed Service
  • Financial Management Systems and HR
  • Industry Specific Solutions - e.g. Warehouse Management
  • Cloud Solutions and more

If you are looking for free, impartial buying advice, complete your details on the form to get started. One of our team of experts will then be in touch shortly to compile your bespoke shortlist.

This completely non-chargeable service includes:

  • Independent buying advice
  • A shortlist of specially selected partners with great pedigree in implementing solutions for your industry
  • Partner background information
  • Free callbacks from partners - with no obligation to purchase

Based on your own specific requirements, we create a tailored shortlist that meets your business needs. Using our non-chargeable, consultative service, the sourcing process timeline can be reduced by up to 80%, saving you time and money, not to mention ensuring that you are only meeting partners that meet your defined requirements.

Software Advisory Service develops vendor relationships with an independent approach and unbiased process. We act as a trusted advisor to thousands of UK businesses, making professional recommendations for technology projects including software, infrastructure, telecoms or the procurement of managed services.

We currently partner with over hundreds of UK technology companies, ranging from vendors like Oracle and Microsoft through to small, independent managed service providers.

Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the work. Call us now on 020 3640 8095


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